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As a volunteer, I understand that the San Juan College Volunteer Center acts as a referral source only. I agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless the Volunteer Center, San Juan College and its employees, agents, and representatives from all liability or claims of liability, including attorney fees and costs of defense, of any nature whatsoever resulting from my service as a volunteer. This release covers all claims I might have and indemnifies San Juan College, its employees and agents for all claims of third parties relating to my acts or failure to act. I hereby voluntarily and without compensation authorize the Volunteer Center and San Juan College to use my name, photo, or information about me in promotion of the College through radio, television, news media, or other printed materials. Such information will be used only for promotion of San Juan College, or its sponsors, and affiliates for no other advertising purposes. I hereby authorize the Volunteer Center at San Juan College to release my contact information to San Juan County volunteer agencies that match my indicated volunteer interests.

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