Machine Shop Technology

Machine Shop Technology Program

Machine Shop Technology (AAS.MASH) 64 credit hours
Machine Shop CNC Operator (CER.MASH.CNC) 15 credit hours
Machine Shop Lathe Operator (CER.MASH.LATH) 19 credit hours
Machine Shop Mill Operator (CER.MASH.MILL) 16 credit hours

The Machine Shop Technology program at San Juan College is designed to prepare students for job entry level positions in industry as junior machinists, tool and die makers, moldmakers and maintenance machinists, machine setup man, machine operator, quality control analyst, machine tool salesman, industrial repairman and many other related positions.

Because of the present very large shortage of machinists, tool and die makers and maintenance machinists in the United States, there are many job openings with very attractive salaries.

The Basic Program

Machine Shop Technology begins with the introduction to the basic five machine tools, hand and measuring tools and related technical information.

Quality tools such as precision toolmakers vice, "V" blocks, punches, setup hammer, C-Clamp, T-Tap, wrench and many other tools are produced on modern machinery using the latest tools and technology.

Areas such as related technical math and blueprint reading, basic metallurgy, heat treatment of steel are also covered throughout the two-year program.

Safety is stressed throughout the program and students progress by completing assigned projects or tools which they will use in the trade upon completion of the program. Along with machine operation the student learns other skills which can be utilized in his or her regular life.

Tool and die making, precision measurement, understanding metal and its physical properties, the use of applied physics and applied mathematics help develop many needed basic skills used in a variety of occupations.

In addition to tuition, the student will spend approximately $1,300 for tools. Financial aid is available for qualified applicants.


Most industries need machinists to build new machinery and keep present machines running. Local industries which employ machinists are:

  • Arizona Public Service
  • Public Service of NM
  • Clay/Groomer Machine
  • Al Machine
  • EMS
  • SJS Company
  • Justis Supply
  • Valley Machine Shop Inc.
  • And many more

Gunsmithing classes are offered in our evening courses. Trouble-shooting, small tool fabrication, metallurgy, filing, brazing, mounting scopes, headspace, rebarreling rifles, cutting rifle chambers, checkering, shaping trigger guards and more are covered.

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