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From the desk of
Toni Pendergrass

Toni Pendergrass

At San Juan College we have implemented a new tagline Success Matters. Not only does it relate directly to our top strategic direction of Student Success and Completion, but it also speaks directly to our workforce. Success does matter it matters in growing our local businesses and economy. It matters in reaching our own goals whether personal or professional.

The Center for Workforce Development has a myriad of classes and workshops that can set you, your employees and business up for success. A new class being offered this semester, titled Setting Others for Success, is designed to further develop employees who work in support positions. The one-day course focuses on improving communication skills, developing personal management and collaborative skills, and understanding how to drive performance through effective teamwork.

Managers and supervisors will want to sign up for the one-day workshop, Change and How to Deal with It. Those attending will come away with a better understanding of the dynamics of change and will learn practical strategies to maintain high morale in employees while implementing change.

There is also an array of computer and technology workshops for both the novice and advanced professional. From learning the essential to advanced techniques of Access 2010, Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and QuickBooks these one-and two-day classes are sure to keep you and your employees up to date on the latest in computer programs.

There are also short courses to develop leadership skills including Public Speaking Presentation: Survival School, Emotional Intelligence, and how to deal with Bullying in the Workplace.

In addition to the above non-credit classes, the Center for Workforce Development also offers credit Industrial Prep classes to assist employees who need training for entrance level exams in the coal mining, oil and gas and utility industries. These include Industrial Mechanics, Industrial Math and Industrial Reading Skills.

Not only does the Center for Workforce Development offer numerous classes that will help you succeed, but they are also affordable and relevant. You will be able to take the skills you learn in the classroom and directly apply them in your career or business. We look forward to working with you to achieve your goals.

Toni Pendergrass
San Juan College