San Juan College's Military Friendly Admissions Policy

Active military and veterans will receive the following:

  • Application Fee Waived: Currently, there is FREE application fee for electronic application submission and a $10.00 application fee for paper based application submission. Active military and/or Veterans will have this fee waived.
  • Guaranteed 2 Physical Education Credits (PHED 116 and 117) based on submission of military transcript showing Basic Training requirements and/or showing a minimum of 1 year of service.
  • Mandatory Placement Assessment (Accuplacer) Waived Until End of First Semester for degree seeking first time freshmen (or transfer students who have not completed a college level English and/or Math) who are stationed outside the United States. Note: the first semester will be limited to classes that do not require English, Reading, or Math pre-requisites until which time students have completed the assessment. Students will work with an advisor in the Advising and Counseling Center (ACC) to determine schedule of classes for first semester.
  • Possible In-State Tuition:
  1. In accordance with Section 135 of Public Law 110-315 (August 14, 2008), Higher Education Opportunity Act, members of the armed forces on active duty for a period of more than 30 days and their spouses/dependants are now eligible to receive in-state tuition in the state where they reside or are permanently stationed. Once a service member or their family members are enrolled, they will continue to receive the in-state tuition rate as long as they remain continuously enrolled at the institution, even if the service member is reassigned outside the state. Conditions apply– must work with the financial aid office to determine benefit eligibility.
  2. In accordance with SB 136 (2009), In order for a veteran who is not a resident of New Mexico to recieve in-state tuition rates, the veteran shall use the veteran's federal educational benefits at a state public post-secondary institution. Conditions apply– must work with the financial aid office to determine benefit eligibility.

** Students will be originally placed into the system based upon their current residency status. Once eligibility benefits have been determined, tuition will be adjusted accordingly. For further information on eligibility benefits, please contact the San Juan College Financial Aid office at 505-566-3323 for more information. Or visit the Veterans Administration page for more information.