Surgical Technology

Program Plan

The Surgical Technology Program is designed to develop the student through theory, didactic and clinical practice in becoming competent surgical techs and help develop their roll in the community.  The students are selected and begin coursework the beginning of Fall semester and complete with clinical at the end of Summer semester.  The courses run congruously with time off for Spring Break, as well as a week off between the final theory course and the beginning of clinical (late April-early May).

The San Juan College Catalog has a proposed schedule for prerequisites and program course work, as well as course descriptions.


DIDACTIC (Theory & Lab):
Fall and Spring Semesters
Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
8:00am to 11:30am (times may vary)
CLINICAL (Practical Experience):
Summer Semester
Monday through Friday
6:45am to 3:30pm (times and days may vary)

Program Plan

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Surgical Technology
6.0 credits SURG-110: Intro to Surgical Technology
Students will learn tasks and responsibilities of the surgical technologist. They will learn the practice of sterile technique. They will learn surgical scrub, gown and glove, patient positioning, draping and surgical prep on patients. They will know the practice of standard precautions in the O.R. When they are finished with this class they will know how to set-up cases, open sterile supplies, perform counts, and pass instruments. They will do some practicum to compliment this course. Acceptance into the Surgical Technology Program.
Prerequisites: Take SURG-119, PSYC-120, HITP-110, BIOL-121, BIOL-224, BIOL-252, BIOL-253, and ENGL-111. ENGL-211 OR ENGL-218 MATH-114 or Higher COMM-110 OR COMM-111
Offered: FALL
6.0 credits SURG-112: 2nd Level to Surgical Tech
Students will learn about electrocautery & laser usage. The care, cleaning and uses of Endoscopic instruments. They will learn commonly used lab and x-ray tests. The handling, care & how to choose the right instrument for the job. They will instrumentation for abdominal and laparoscopic procedures. They will learn basic Urology & set-up's for Ear, Nose, Throat and Eye procedures. They will do some practicum to compliment this course.
Offered: FALL
6.0 credits SURG-114: 3rd Level of Surgical Tech
The student will learn equipment and procedures for Plastic Surgery. Learn the names and uses of orthopedic instruments and procedures. They will also learn instruments and procedures for Peripheral Vascular Surgery. They will do some practicum to compliment this course.
Offered: SP
6.0 credits SURG-116: 4th Level to Surgical Tech
Students will learn instrumentation & equipment used in Cardiac & Pulmonary Surgery. They will learn the difference in the physiology of the Pediatric patient. They will also be able to identify & select proper instrumentation and equipment for Neurological procedures They will do some practicum to compliment this course.
Offered: SP
4.0 credits SURG-210: Introduction to Surgical Tech Clinical
The students will be scrubbed in with a preceptor to 2nd scrub and possibly 1st scrub. They will learn how to open cases, set up cases and tear down after procedures.
Offered: SU
4.0 credits SURG-212: 2nd Level to Surgical Tech Clinic
The student will pull procedure cases, rotate through Central Sterile Department, set up rooms, second scrub and some first scrubbing.
Offered: SU
3.0 credits SURG-215: 3rd Level to Surg Technology Clinicals
The student will be 2nd scrubbing cases and doing a large amount of 1st scrubbing with a preceptor.
Prerequisites: SURG-212
Offered: SU
3.0 credits SURG-217: 4th Level to Surg Technology Clinicals
Student will independently 1st scrub majority of cases with a minimal number of 2nd scrub cases, with a preceptor observing. The student will have accumulated a minimum total of 120 cases from all clinical courses combined.
Prerequisites: SURG-215
Offered: SU

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