Fitness Tracking


There are a myriad of benefits to exercising and following a healthy diet such as reduced risk of chronic disease, elevated mood, increased self esteem, improved appearance, and much, much more. There really are no downsides to living a fit and healthy lifestyle. Most times the lifestyle changes needed are significant and the results can take many months or more to become noticeable. Many people quit their diet and exercise plan because they feel like they are working hard and sacrificing but nothing is happening.


Tracking your health, diet, and fitness can alleviate this problem in addition to providing many other helpful benefits on your journey to a lifestyle of health and fitness.

·         MOTIVATION - The primary benefit of logging your diet and exercise is motivation. It is much easier to stay on track if you can look back after sticking to your program for a period of time and see that you've lost several pounds or shaved a few seconds off your routine neighborhood run.

·         ACCOUNTABILITY - Having your diet and exercise plan in writing greatly increases your chances of sticking to them versus simply trying to "cut back" on unhealthy foods or "exercise more". Defined goals and plans to reach those goals will ensure that you achieve what you wish.

·         PLANNING - Whether your goal is to lose 10 pounds by next summer, lower your blood pressure by 5 points, or shave 30 seconds off your weekly club 10k time trial, you will need a plan. By tracking your metrics, exercise, and diet on a daily basis you will be in a much better position to understand what you need to do to reach your goal

·         CONSISTENCY - Consistency is the key to reaching your goals in relation to diet and exercise. None of the changes you are seeking can be made overnight.