Health and Fitness for Kids and Family

Health and Fitness is important for everyone regardless of their age. It is also very important to help your family take steps in the right direction to become more physically fit and healthy. If your family supports you and you support them, these changes will come easier. Below is some information regarding getting kids active and keeping your family healthy.

Families Finding The Balance – Information on getting your family to eat healthier, become more active, and tips to start living a healthy lifestyle.

Energize Yourself And Your Family – Being healthy and active can help give you the energy to keep up with the demands of your busy life, take better care of yourself, and be there for the people who depend on you.

Guide For Teenagers – A simple guide for teenagers to take charge of their health. Information on eating right, physical exercise, and the importance of staying healthy.

Helping Your Overweight Child – Healthy eating and physical activity habits are key to your child’s well-being.  Eating too much and exercising too little may lead to overweight and related health problems that may follow children into their adult years.  You can take an active role to help your child and your whole family learn healthy eating and physical activity habits that last a lifetime.

Helping Children Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle - All children benefit from healthy eating and physical activity. A balanced diet and being physically active help children grow, learn, and have energy. This information will help you implement and maintain changes that will help your child.

Fit For Two – Information in eating right and being physically active during pregnancy.

Presentation on Children's Behaviors and Type II Diabetes

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