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Where do I find information about the Farmington area?

Information about the community is available at

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Is there an online portal for San Juan College? What can I do through it?

MySJC is the College’s Web portal, which can be used to check your College e-mail account and to access WebAdvisor, among other things. Click on "Faculty Information", then on “My Class Schedule” to get a list of the classes you are teaching. MySJC also includes "Quick Links" for fast access to College departments and policies. For more information, including online tutorials and downloadable brochures, visit To verify your user I.D. and password, call the Helpdesk at 505-566-3266.

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How often will I get paid? How do I set up direct deposit?

Faculty are paid twice monthly—once on the 15th of the month, and once on the last day of the month. Direct deposit is available, and the form for setting this up is on the Human Resources website, in addition to other information about employment policies, taxation, and more.

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What if I lose my computer password or have computer issues?

The Office of Technology Services (OTS) Helpdesk can assist you with a variety of computer-related problems. The office is located on the second floor of the Information Technology Center, and they can be reached at 505-566-HELP (x3266) or by visiting their webpage.

Helpdesk services are available 24/7 all year, including holidays.

Topics that are commonly dealt with include the following:

  • Password re-sets
  • Computer problems
  • Assistance using Canvas
  • WebAdvisor Faculty and Advisor Tools

MySJC Portal

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What recreational and wellness services are available to Adjunct Faculty?

Adjunct instructors teaching one (1) credit class or more are eligible to participate in any credit Health and Human Performance Center (HHPC) fitness conditioning class and have tuition and special course fees waived This benefit is valid for one year from the start of the semester for which they are employed. This benefit is also valid for qualified (eligible dependent as defined by insurance plan rules) dependents. See the education benefits page for more information

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Do I need an ID card?

Yes, the San Juan College ID doubles as an electronic key and library card. ID cards are obtained by scheduling an appointment with Public Relations to have your photo taken. It takes about a week to create the card. When the card is ready, it will be delivered to the CTX and the faculty member will be notified to pick it up.

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Can my spouse, kids, or I take classes at San Juan College? Is there a cost?

Adjunct instructors teaching one (1) credit class or more may have tuition waived for up to four credit hours per semester which is valid for one year from the start of the semester for which they are employed. This benefit is also valid for qualified (eligible dependent as defined by insurance plan rules) dependents. See the education benefits page for more information

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What does the Student Success Center do?

The Student Success Center (SSC) provides academic support services at San Juan College and in the community. Services provided include: tutoring, free Adult Basic Education (ABE), GED, and English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, Learning Support classes, the SMART Lab, and Online Student Support. For more information see the SSC website at

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Where can I go for more information about Academic Advising?

Counselors/Advisors in Advising and Counseling Center offer academic advising, registration procedures, probation/suspension holds, degree checks, and transfer and career information. Licensed professional counselors are also available to assist students with personal issues on a short term basis. All services are free. See the advising and counseling center website for more information

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Where can I learn about the Career Center Office?

The Career Center Office supports the career development of students and provides a path for students and alumni to transition from the educational experience to the business world. The office provides job search tools, career planning, and on campus job fairs. See the Career Center website for more information

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What do I need to know about grading policies at San Juan College?

You are required to use WebAdvisor in the SJC Portal to submit grades. Student proficiency in coursework is recorded by letter grades.

A (4.0) Denotes excellent work
B (3.0) Denotes better than average work
C (2.0) Denotes average work
D (1.0) Denotes below average work
F (0) Denotes failing work
X (0) Denotes student never attended
I (0) Denotes incomplete work

For more information on grading, please see the San Juan Catalog

Grade submission deadlines are published in the academic calendar

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What do I need to know about student privacy (aka FERPA) and where can I keep up-to-date on FERPA guidelines?

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a federal law created to protect the privacy of student education records. This law governs the dissemination of student record information, and it applies to all colleges and universities, such as San Juan, that receive federal funding. Schools must have written permission from a student to release any information from a student's record. To avoid a FERPA violation, instructors should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Do not release any personally identifiable student information or student records without student consent. This includes records in any format: handwritten, print, computer, videotape, audiotape, film, e-mail, etc.
  • Do not post grades in such a way that the student may be identified (ex. Do not use social security numbers or students' last names when posting grades)
  • Do not release student information to a parent or spouse, even though they may claim to be paying the student's tuition
  • Use only the last four digits of a student's social security number in e-mail messages and on documents being sent external to San Juan College (letters, faxes, etc.)
  • Familiarize yourself with FERPA guidelines:

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Am I required to keep office hours?

You will be required to devote one hour per week to office hours for each course that you teach. Try to schedule your office hours either before or after your class time to allow the most students to see you. Some instructors schedule a half hour before class and a half hour after class. Other instructors substitute the second half hour with an "electronic" office hour. This means the instructor is available online at a given time. Ideally, it is best to be available in person to your students. However, the combination of in-person and online office hours works for many instructors.

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Does San Juan have guidelines on writing course guides?

Your course guide is a contractual agreement between you and your students that outlines course objectives, grading policies, assignments, etc. Your department may require you to turn in a copy of your course guide to be put on file prior to start of the semester. Additionally, you are responsible for making copies of your course guide for distribution in class, but you should consider electronic alternatives to making hard copies, such as posting it on your Canvas course page. You must use the San Juan College approved course guide template which is available at . Scroll down to the bottom of the Faculty page and you will find the course guide, syllabus template and other documents for your use.

Your course guide should include a course description and a tentative course calendar. If you know in advance that you will miss a class, please include this information on your course syllabus and tentative course calendar, and be sure to provide an alternate, educational experience or activity for your students for that class session. Your course guide should indicate student responsibilities and instructor policies as well as the following information:

  • Course catalog number and title
  • Course description
  • Course objectives
  • Instructor's office hours and office phone number
  • Required texts and materials
  • Course requirements
  • Attendance policy
  • Policy on late or make-up work
  • Requirements for class participation
  • Grading policy

Special notes:

  • Technological competencies
  • Students with disabilities
  • Policy on incomplete grades
  • Cheating and plagiarism

To inform students and protect faculty, the course guide should be as detailed as possible.

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Where can I make copies for class?

Each department has a copier for faculty use. Your school administrative assistant will provide you with your copier code. There is also a copier available at the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTX). Additionally, Copy Services provides full service copy services.

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Where can I find information about my courses, including rosters, links to post midterm and final grades, and other helpful information?

WebAdvisor is available by logging in to the SJC Portal. Click on Faculty Information in the WebAdvisor tab where you'll find the full Faculty Menu. Here you'll find useful information, including your course list and detailed roster(s), links for midterm and final grade entry, and much more.

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How can I improve my teaching?

Check out the wide variety of seminars, events, and discussions put on by the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTX)

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Where can I get information about the library and its resources for faculty? Resources for students?

The library at San Juan College boasts a comprehensive website (available at with plenty of information about its wide variety of resources; from course reserves to online tutorials to help students learn how to use software technology, the library website has you covered.

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How can I learn about using technology in my classes?

San Juan College’s Technology Trainer can help with both the pedagogical concerns about using technology in class and the practical how-to. Technology Training offers both workshops and individual or group consultations.& Email for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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What "Learning Management System" system does San Juan use? How do I learn more?

San Juan College uses the Canvas Learning Management System. Further information can be found on the Canvas site including tutorials. Additional training is available through Technology Training at 566-3304.

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What is AQIP?

AQIP stands for Academic Quality Improvement Project. Every college or university participating in AQIP is required to create and maintain a Systems Portfolio—a concise description of the organization's fundamental systems for getting its work done and its goals accomplished. To find out more, visit

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What does the Writing Center do?

The San Juan College Writing Center is staffed with trained student and professional tutors. Our Writing Tutors are here to assist students with any writing need whether it is brainstorming an idea, polishing a paper, or documenting sources.

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Are the tutors able to help my students in courses other than first-year composition?

Peer and professional tutors are available to help SJC, GED, and University Program students in a variety of subjects. San Juan College tutors receive ongoing training to insure students are receiving the best services possible.

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Will the tutors do my students' work for them?

Our tutors will never do the work for students, nor will we edit their material for them. Instead, we will coach them and support them as they learn to do the work themselves. Over time, students who use the Writing Center can develop into the confident writers we all want them to become.

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Where can I find the organizational structure of San Juan College?

The organizational structure of San Juan College is available on the College at

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How do I set up my class roster?

You are responsible for accessing and printing your class roster prior to the start of your class using WebAdvisor, which you can access by logging into MySJC at Only those students whose names appear on your roster can remain in the class.

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What do I need to know about copyright issues? How can I learn more?

It is the faculty member's responsibility to obtain copyright permission for materials to be copied for classroom use. For more information see

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How do I know if students dropped my class?

Regularly consult WebAdvisor (available through MySJC Portal at for access to your class roster(s), including student information and your class schedule with enrollment information. This service will allow you to see if your class has been filled. The school reserves the right to cancel any course that lacks adequate enrollment.

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How does San Juan handle course evaluations?

During the last month of your class (prior to the final exam your students will be required to complete an evaluation form which measures their perception of your teaching performance as well as the organization of your course, the workload, and the success of the course in meeting its objectives. All instructors will be provided with evaluation forms and pencils. In general, a student should distribute evaluation forms and pencils; the instructor is not to be present in the classroom when students are completing the evaluation forms.

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What resources are available for faculty teaching distance courses such as online courses?

San Juan College offers assistance to faculty teaching online courses through online services. For more information see

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How do I get to the Canvas homepage?

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Where can I find tutorials on how to use Canvas?

Tutorials for aid in learning how to use Canvas are available at:

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How can I incorporate service learning into my courses? What resources are available for such an undertaking?

San Juan College encourages Service Learning, but it is up to the instructor to add a Service Learning component to the class. The instructor can choose to offer Service Learning as a mandatory assignment for all the students, for honor students only, or as an opportunity to get extra credit for the class. Additional information is available at

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How can I create a better PowerPoint presentation?

There are many different links and resources that can help better a PowerPoint presentation. The link provided gives many different resources and ideas that help eliminate dull presentations and give tips to better them and make your presentation more engaging. View the link.

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