Exercise Techniques and Workout Plans

Below is some information on how to begin an exercise program as well as specific workouts plans.  If you are looking to lose weight, tone your body, or build muscle we have some simple easy to follow plans as well as some safety information.
Simple Daily Walking Program – A “step” in the right direction. This is a simple guide to a daily walking program.
Target Heart Rate – Guide to determining your Target Heart Rate.
Flexibility – Basic saferty information on stretching and flexibility.
Exercise Safety - Descriptions and pictures of the safe and proper way to do exercises.
Instructional videos and demonstrations of safe and proper stretching techniques for the entire body. Click here to see Flexibility videos
Weight Lifting – Basic information on the many health benefits to lifting weights
Circuit Training Programs - This is a simple circuit training program that is easy to follow and includes cardio and weight training.
Treadmill Interval Programs - This is a program that focuses on cardio and is conducted soley on the treadmill.
Weight Lifting Programs - Lifting routines to build muscle or just tone.
Instructional videos of the safe and proper lifting techniques for the upper body and lower body. Click here to see Weight Training videos

Percieved Exertion Scale