Machine Shop Technology


Required Tools for College

  • Safety glasses
  • Work boots
  • Tool box
  • 6 inch dial caliper
    • Note this is one of your most used tools in the shop so do not be afraid to spend a little extra money on this item
    • Do Not purchase cheep electronic calipers as they are a waste of money
  • 0-1” micrometer
    • Simple mechanical micrometers are the best and will last the longest
  • 1 inch travel indicator (with magnetic base)
  • Thread pitch gage
  • Allen wrench sets (standard and metric)
  • Lathe cutting tools<
    • High speed steel blanks (1/2” shank X2)
    • Braised carbide
      • Right hand, Left Hand, Threading (X3 each)
    • Center drills #2, #3, #4 (3 of each)
    • Radius gage set
    • Center gage (fish tail)
    • 6 inch scale
    • Machinist scribe
    • Mighty mag. Base and 1” dial indicator
    • Screw drivers, pliers, adjustable wrench (8 inch)
    • Tap and die set up to ½ inch
    • Lock(s) for lockers

    Instructor will check for tools before you can start work on your projects!!!

For more information, please call Christopher Schmitt at (505) 566-3353. Or send an email to