Career Information

For information on the Welding and Metal Fabrication Program, call 566-3339 or you can send us E-mail.

Admission to San Juan College

For information on admissions, registration procedures and deadlines contact the Office of Admissions and Records, 566-3335. You can also get information from the admissions department by going to our admissions home page.

It is the policy of San Juan College not to discriminate on the basis of sex, education, handicap, race, religion, national or ethnic origin.

Guidance and Advising

For assistance in planning vocational or career programs, contact the Advising and Counseling Center, 566-3526.

Native American Programs

For information on Native American programs, call 566-3321.

TDD Line for the Hearing Disabled. Call 566-3433/0432.

For more information, please call John Hoff at (505) 566-3339. Or send an email to hoffj@sanjuancollege.edu.