Horticulture (AAS.HORT) 60 credit hours
Horticulture Landscape Architecture (AAS.HORT.LAND) 60 credit hours
Horticulture (CER.HORT) 32-33 credit hours

Plant Photo

Do you enjoy gardening? Are you captivated by beautiful landscapes?

The horticulture degree program at San Juan College blends science and hands-on skills. You'll learn landscape architecture and construction, conservation techniques, horticulture techniques, and how to diagnose plant disorders. We have a separate program that focuses on xeric, or arid, environments. Graduates may seek employment as architectural apprentices, landscape design technicians, nursery manager, or work with government and private industry.

For more information on courses and requirements for the Horticulture program check our Program Plan.

Come be a part of the important botanical studies that are happening at San Juan College!

Our Herbarium

Did you know that San Juan College has the largest Herbarium in the Four Corners region, with about 50,000 specimens? We also have an Atrium and Plant Room in our West Complex building, housing tropical and sub-tropical species.

For more information, please call Dr. Don Hyder at (505) 566-3772. Or send an email to hyderd@sanjuancollege.edu.