Program Plan

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3.0 credits RDNG-113: Academic Reading and Study
Develop academic reading and study skills for college, using authentic academic textbook material.
Prerequisites: (RDNG-095 OR RDNG-096) minimum grade C, or appropriate Reading Accuplacer score.
Offered: ALL
3.0 credits RDNG-252: Diagnostic Teaching Reading/Elem School
Provides elementary education students and teachers with a theoretical and practical overview of reading instruction in the elementary classroom, Grades 2-6. A compendium of instructional procedures will be covered for teaching the reading and writing processes. The course will cover phonemic awareness, vocabulary development, phonics, fluency and reading comprehension, both reader factors and text factors. Assessment of student literacy development will also be covered as well as differentiating reading and writing instruction and designing and organizing the reading classroom.
Offered: SU
3.0 credits RDNG-256: Reading in the Content Fields
An in-depth study of reading and study skills. The structures of the different disciplines studied in all grades.
Offered: DMND
1.0 - 99.0 credits RDNG-ELEC: Reading Elective
3.0 credits RDNG-096: Introduction to Reading
A reading course combining introductory and middle level reading skills. Course focuses on word knowledge, and fundamental reading skills and strategies applied to different types of readings, including textbooks. Improving reading speed is also covered. Successful completion of this course (C or better) requires no other developmental (remedial) reading course.
Prerequisites: Appropriate Reading Accuplacer Score or RDNG-050 Minimum Grade C.
Offered: ALL
3.0 credits RDNG-099: College Reading
This course begins with the essential reading skills such as vocabulary, main ideas, and inferences. Course gradually moves from shorter to longer readings and then progresses to higher level reading skills such purpose and tone, argument, and author's bias. Improving reading speed is also covered. Successful completion of this course (C or better) requires no other reading course. This course will be accepted in lieu of RDNG 113.
Prerequisites: (RDNG-095 or RDNG-096) or appropriate Reading Accuplacer Score. Minimum Grade C

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