The San Juan College Health and Safety Officer is responsible for reviewing and overseeing the implementation of the HAZCOM plan.  This includes but is not limited to coordinating any compliance actions, acting as a consultant for the departments within the college regarding implementation and enforcement, evaluating work practices and use of personal protective equipment, providing program materials, tracking of training and recommending environmental and medical monitoring. 

Division Deans and Department Directors are ultimately responsible for compliance with the HAZCOM plan and coordination with the Health and Safety Officer, within their individual divisions and departments.  Responsibility for compliance with the HAZCOM plan cannot be delegated

Supervisors and Managers are responsible for ensuring that all requirements of the HAZCOM plan that apply to their individual work areas are carried out properly.  Responsibility for implementation of the HAZCOM plan cannot be delegated

Supervisors, with assistance from the Health and Safety Officer, will ensure that all appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) is available, review safe work practices with all involved employees and, if necessary, post signage around specific areas to indicate the hazard and limit access. 

Each work area will have a responsible party designated to:

  • Ensure that the HAZCOM plan is followed in the work area.
  • Conduct the initial chemical inventory and update the chemical inventory as needed.
  • Acquire and organize MSDS information for chemicals in the inventory.
  • Review and update the site specific HAZCOM annually.
  • Provide site specific HAZCOM training.
  • Ensure all employees under their supervision have access to MSDSs for all chemicals covered by the HAZCOM plan during the employees’ normal working hours.




Gary Lee
Director of Environmental Health
4601 College Blvd.
Farmington, NM  87401
(505) 566-3063 or (505) 566-3190