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Technology Requirements for Online Courses...

You must have access to a computer with Internet and email capability when you enroll in an online course. While it may be possible to do some of your work in the computer lab, it is difficult to take a distance learning course without having a computer and Internet connection at home.

Check the link below to see the latest information on Canvas system requirements:

You should have anti-virus software installed on your computer. Two popular anti-virus softwares are Norton and McAfee. There are others, some very good ones are low or no cost: Kapersky, AG, or Comodo.

Most of our online classes require you to have Adobe® Reader® (free download) and the word-processing software, Microsoft® Word, installed on your computer. Since you are a student at San Juan College, you are eligible to purchase the complete Microsoft® Office suite from Ultimate Steal. Some courses require additional software. Most required software may be purchased from the SJC Bookstore, online, or a computer store.

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How do I register for an online course?

Admission requirements are the same for SJC online students as they are for students attending traditional face-to-face classes on any of the SJC campuses.

Students must meet SJC’s entrance requirements in order to enroll in SJC online courses. Qualifying students may register online after completion of an academic advising session and new student orientation. For certain general education courses the Accuplacer exam may also be required.

Visit the Office of Admissions /Registrar Web page to learn about admission requirements. You may also call or visit one of our academic advisors.

Office of Admissions/Registrar Contact Information:

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How do I get an email account?

You will be provided course mail in Canvas. Course mail allows you to communicate with your instructor within the course. Official college communication occurs via Student Live Mail. All students automatically receive a Student Live Mail account that uses the syntax: However, students must activate this account before it can be used.

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When do I get a Canvas Account?

New Canvas accounts are usually created within 24 hours of registration. Canvas accounts carryover from semester to semester. If you attended SJC in the spring, you will use the same Canvas account in the successive semesters.

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When does my online class begin? When does it end?

All online courses follow dates specified in WebAdvisor when you registered for classes. Please check the SJC course schedule for the exact date. Online students are expected to login to Canvas on the first day of class. When you login to your online course, you will see the expectations and deadlines for the course. Failure to meet the course deadlines may result in being blocked from the course by the instructor.

San Juan College's online courses are not self-paced. Each instructor has a schedule with assignment due dates that must be met.

Online courses typically end on the last day of finals for the semester, however there are some exceptions. See the SJC course schedule for that exact date each semester.

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How do I access my online course?

The online course management system used at SJC is Canvas. Students can access it from the SJC homepage or directly by typing into your Internet browser. Every student is provided a Canvas account with a username and password. Courses are usually visible within 24 hours after you register, and available on the first day of the term.

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How do I get started in my online course?

You will be able to access your online course the same day that classes begin on campus. You should login to your course the first day of the semester to find information and instructions from your professor.

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What kind of academic support services are available for online students?

Please visit the Guide on the Side Web page to learn about the services offered to online students.

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How do I turn in assignments, communicate with my instructor, and take tests/exams?

Online students turn in homework/assignments and communicate with their instructor through the Canvas LMS internal course mail within each course, or by using other course tools as stated in the course syllabus.

Check your course syllabus to find out when you instructor may be available for telephone and office conferences. Office conference may be held online using the Virtual Office Hours feature of the Canvas LMS.

Students communicate with other students enrolled in the course through private course mail and public “discussion board” postings.

Students take their tests online via the Canvas LMS, with or without a proctor depending upon the course.

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Who do I contact with questions pertaining to the course?

Contact your instructor. Check your course syllabus for contact information.

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I don't know how to contact my instructor...

All faculty at San Juan College have an email account the uses the following syntax:lastnamefirstinitial (for example - Email is always the best way to contact your instructor. If for some reason you cannot find your instructor or they do not contact you, please feel free to contact the "Guide on the Side" ( The Guide will try contacting your instructor for you. Please be aware that most faculty are not under contract from mid-May until mid-August, which means they may not be checking email during that period. However, you can contact the school office the course originates from for help.

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I don't see all or some of my courses...

While all courses should automatically be enabled and visible early on the first day, there are times when the instructor is making last minute updates or other reasons the course may temporarily not be available. If you have registered and PAID for a course that does not appear in your courses nugget, you should contact your instructor by email. If you add a class once the term starts, that course should appear in your nugget within 24 hours. If the course does not show within that time period, please contact the Helpdesk either by phone: (505) 566-3266 or email: Make sure you are prepared to give the technician the following information: Full name, Datatel ID, Username, SJC Live Mail account, A reliable phone number, Course name, number and SECTION, Instructor's name, Complete description of your problem.

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I can't open a video in my course...

Canvas allows instructors to upload many different media types, so knowing what kind of media you are trying to access is very important. If the title of the media doesn't tell you, look in the address bar of your browser to see the complete filename. If the media is a Breeze presentation (the filename begins " try right-clicking on the link and choosing "Open in another Tab (or Window)" and see if that will play the presentation. Remember, that most Breeze presentations have audio, so your speakers will need to be turned up or you should have earphones handy. If the filename includes the extension "flv" or "swf" (for example, "...states_of_matter.flv") that's a Flash media file. Filenames ending with ".mov" are a Quicktime movie. Make sure you have Quicktime Player.

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How do I learn how to use Canvas?

A Canvas-specific FAQ and user guide can be found here:


Click here for the video guides:


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Where can I check my grades...

Official grades are posted only in WebAdvisor at the end of each term.  You may be able to view your progress throughout the semester through Canvas.  Please see for assistance on viewing your grades.

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Who do I contact for technical questions?

The SJC Computer Help Desk personnel can resolve login issues. The SJTC Computer Help Desk's phone number is 505-566-3266 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Students may also contact the Coordinator of Online Student Support, or the "Guide on the Side," by phone 505-566-3309, by email:, via the web, Facebook - or Twitter - @sjcoss.

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How do I drop an online course?

Please visit the Office of Admissions/Registrar's Web page to review the SJC policies on dropping courses.

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How do I enable cookies on my computer?

Check out this site:

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How do I disable pop-up blockers on my computer?

Check out this page:

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How do I enable Java on my computer?

Follow these instructions:

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How do I enable JavaScript technology on my computer?

Follow these instructions:

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How do I delete my temporary Internet files?

Follow the directions below:

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