Respiratory Therapy

Program Outcomes

  1. The student will acquire and evaluate the clinical data to determine the appropriate treatment plan and the patient’s response to therapy.
  2. The student will perform, and assist in the performance of, prescribed diagnostic studies and assess the appropriateness of prescribed respiratory care.
  3. The student will assess the cardio-pulmonary status of patients, establish appropriate therapeutic goals, and oversee case management for patients with cardiopulmonary and related diseases.
  4. The student will participate in the development, performance, evaluation and modification of respiratory care treatment plans.
  5. The student will participate in the performance of patient, family and community health education programs that promote cardiopulmonary wellness and disease prevention and management.
  6. The student will initiate and conduct prescribed pulmonary rehabilitation and home care treatment.
  7. The student will promote evidence-based practice by adhering to established clinical practice guidelines and evaluating published research for its relevance to patient care.

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