Program Plan

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1.0 credits ASTR-104: Spin: (special Interest)
Course is designed to address a variety of subject
Offered: DMND
1.0 - 3.0 credits ASTR-105: SPIN: (Special Interest)
Course is designed to address a variety of subjects required to meet the needs of lifelong learning students. Not available for transfer nor applicable as an elective.
4.0 credits ASTR-110: Intro to Astronomy
Observation, theories, and methods of modern astronomy. General study for non-science majors. [NM Common Course Number ASTR 1114, Area III; Laboratory Science Core]
Offered: FASP
3.0 credits ASTR-113: Constellation Mythology
A study of the ancient mythological stories and philosophies of world cultures as seen in the patterns of stars in the night sky. A basic grounding in Greco-Roman myths and representations of star patterns will be compared to other world cultures, including, but not limited to, Native American, Chinese, Arabic, South Pacific, and Arctic.
Offered: FASP
3.0 credits ASTR-120: Deep Space Astronomy
Conceptual study of cosmology and relativity, emphasizing the Einsteinian perceptions of gravity, matter, energy, and space-time geometry. Also examines in detail anomalistic subjects such as black holes, wormholes, "white fountains", and obstacles to superluminal ("faster than light") travel.
Prerequisites: Take ASTR-110.

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