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General Resources

American Indian Chamber of Commerce of New Mexico
A non-profit organization that promotes economic development and self-sufficiency.

American Indian Sports Team Mascots
A frequently-updated clearinghouse of information.

American Indian Studies, University of Arizona
Includes guidance in conducting research, along with a bibliography of print resources and links to additional Web resources.

Heard Museum
Native cultures and art.

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
Index of Native American Resources on the Internet.

Mitchell Museum of the American Indian

National Museum of the American Indian

Native American Online
Includes information on political action, business networks, education, and genealogy.

Native American Print Media Resources

Native American Sites

Native Americans Online
Links to a wide variety of Web resources by and about Native Americans.

Native Americas Journal

Native Web
Provides information for and about indigenous peoples worldwide.

Resources from Harrison Lapahie
Navajo Nation government, culture, and other information.

U.S Department of the Interior Library
A list of resources, including news, bibliographies, government and legal sources, and links to tribal governments and Native American Web sites.


Law and Government

See Legal Resources for more information.

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Indian Law (University of Kansas, Wheat Law Library


National Indian Law Library

Native American Rights Fund

Native Legal Net

Navajo Nation Official Website

Tribal Court Clearinghouse

2000 Survey of Youth Gangs in Indian Country
A three-page document that reports survey results, but not according to tribe or region.


Culture and Geography


Welcome to Hopi
Official website of the Hopi tribe

Jicarilla Apache Nation

Kayenta Township

Navajo Nation Official Website

New Mexico's Pueblos and Reservations

Southern Ute Tribe

Southwest Crossroads

Ute Mountain Ute Tribe

Maps of Native American Nations, history, information
A variety of information in a geographical context.

Native American Spirituality
Essay with additional links.

Native American Spirituality from Religious Movements Homepage
Lecture-style information followed by useful links.


Health and Medicine

Native American Diabetes Project

Native Health Databases

Tribal Connections - eHealth Resources
Health information for Native peoples.


Education and Research

American Indian Library Association

American Indian Science and Engineering Society

Labrioloa National America Indian Data Center

Native American Authors

Native American Subject Guide (Labriola)
Bibliography of Native American material.

Information about the portrayal of Native peoples in literature, both fiction and non-fiction.


Arts and Media

Native American arts and media institute. Good comprehensive links page.


Dakota owned media production company.

ArtNatAm – Native American art exhibit
A gallery of select artists.

Eyapaha Institute
A non-profit that develops, produces, and distributes multimedia that addresses Native American issues.

Indian Country Today
Weekly newspaper with rotating special feature sections on Healthy Living, Education, Trade & Commerce, Entertainment, Lifeways, Pow Wow Updates, and Tourism.

National Native News
Native American radio.
Native American online community: includes links to movies, music, and news.

Navajo Times

News from Indian Country
Official web site of the oldest national Native newspaper.

Native American Music Awards
Information about contemporary music and excellent links.

“Windtalkers: The Story Behind the Movie”



Short article about migrations and cultures.

Athabaskan: online encyclopedia article
Comprehensive, interactive online article about the people and languages.

Navajo (Diné Bizaad)
History of written Navajo, includes pronunciation and links.

Navajo Language
Links to information about the Navajo language, classes, and speakers. Also includes links to download Navajo fonts to your computer.

Navajo Language and Bilingual Links
Includes material on Navajo language and literature, including bilingual resources and curriculum ideas.

Navajo Language: online encyclopedia article
History and linguistics of Navajo.

Scholarly Articles:

Indigenous Language Codification: Cultural Effects

Mother tongue literacy and language renewal: the case of Navajo



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