Chemical Hygiene Plan Requirements

This document provides the background information required to establish safe working practices for chemical use and handling.  The responsibility for implementation and enforcement of safe work practices is the responsibility of the Laboratory Supervisor or Instructor of each laboratory.  This document functions as both a training tool and a reference source. 

Standard Operating Procedures 

The San Juan College Office of Health & Safety (OHS), in consultation with the Northern Illinois Department of Chemistry, has specified Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for 12 classes of chemical hazards commonly found in college laboratories.  These SOP's define the minimum use and handling procedures permitted at the college.  Adherence to the SOP’s by all laboratories is mandatory.  It is the responsibility of the Supervisor or Lead Instructor of each laboratory to review the SOP’s and to ensure that the protective equipment and procedures outlined are in place at the work site. 

Training Requirements 

Laboratory Supervisors/ Lead Instructors should assure that all laboratory workers are provided with information and training to ensure that they are apprised of the hazards of chemicals present in their work area. 

Training provided should be as specific to the activities conducted in the work area as possible.  It should include: 

1.  The contents of the OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.1450 (the OSHA Laboratory Safety Standard) and its appendices, which shall be made available to employees (available from the Office of Health & Safety). 

2.  The location and availability of the Chemical Hygiene Plan. 

3.  Significant physical and chemical hazards, as well as signs and symptoms associated with overexposures to hazardous materials used in the laboratory. 

4.  The location and availability of known reference material on the hazards, safe handling, storage and disposal of hazardous chemicals found in the laboratory.  This must include, at a minimum, Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS’s) and may include additional pertinent reference sources. 

5.  The existence of Standard Operating Procedures and their applicability to the laboratory. 

6.  Proper labeling requirements. 

7.  The existence and location of all designated areas in the laboratory (see Section VI - "Designated Areas").


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