Connections to Student Success


Look for this logo on San Juan College offices to find out more information about the resources available to San Juan College students. Ask any of the following people about Connections to Student Success.


Name Department
Elaine Benally San Juan College West
Marti Kirchmer San Juan College East
Sherrie Benally Advising & Counseling Center
Christy Ferrato Advising & Counseling Center
Amanda Robles Advising & Counseling Center
Joseph Owen Library
Steven Wamel Dual Credit
Nadine Zumwalt Music
Laurie Hasely Fire Science
Judy Panek Nursing
Moreen Drake HHPC
Ellie Meyers Humanities
Sandra Liebel Humanities
Maritza Reyes Humanities
Shannon Lynch Humanities
Jason Wentz Center for Student Engagement
Liesl Lewis Launch Program
Linda Schwinghammer Testing Center
Melanie Johnson Math, Science & Engineering
Mark Johnson Math, Science & Engineering
Judy Harris Humanities
Kristy Kinsel Math, Science & Engineering
Bonny Keil Humanities
Andrea Cooper Humanities
Shirley Maurer Math, Science & Engineering
Nancy Mike Business
Betty Abrahamson Math, Science & Engineering
Beth Gonzales Math, Science & Engineering
Brenda Rivera Cosmetology
Lindsey Schnell Cosmetology
Mary Doshi Medical Laboratory Technology
Rebecca Wilkins Medical Laboratory Techology
Gretchen Dubit Humanities
Rick Waters Humanities
Rhonda Sigler Humanities
Dianna White Cosmetology
Nikki Roddy Cosmetology
Laura Pate Disability Services
Louella Clary Cosmetology
Kathy Jensen Center for Student Achievement
Ramsi Bodine Launch Program
Crystal Etsitty Nursing Program
Ashlee Begaye Launch Program
John Tohtsoni Jr. Transfer Center
Leslie Saavedra Transfer Center
Sherry Hair Veterinary Technology Program
Marty Hill Center for Student Engagement
LuAnn Walton Center for Student Engagement
Lourdes Valencia ENLACE Program
Jeanne Kofron Transition Center
Cathy Lippe Math, Science & Engineering
Sue Christensen Math, Science & Engineering
Phyllis Meier School of Business
Georgina Davis School of Business
Cruz Chacon School of Business
Liesl Dees Community Learning Center
Nancy Shepherd Community Relations
Lucy Haber Volunteer Center
Karen Acree CTX
Jan Morgen Humanities
Melissa Gonzales Adult Basic Education/GED Program
Jennifer Martinez-Maestas Adult Basic Education/GED Program
Erin Carney Adult Basic Education/GED Program
Christine Wood Transfer Center
Pete Kinnas Humanities
Tonya Nelson Quality Improvement and Career Services Center
Jordan Eckstein Career Services Center
Myra Rogan Quality Improvement and Career Services Center
Gabriel Nelson Quality Improvement and Career Services Center
Jenniffer Valora Center for Student Achievement
Kay Peters Occupational Therapy Program
Michael Begay OTS
Arnie Saavedra Respiratory Therapy Program
Cynthia Rapp Sandhu Humanities & Global Studies
Lisa Wilson Office for Learning
Diane Williams Humanities
Peter Deswood Math, Science & Engineering
Shanna Sasser EDGE Program
Joyce Vaughn EDGE Program
Carly Sherwood EDGE Program
Rebecca Miller Dental Hygiene Program
Brittany Nichols Dental Hygiene Program
Charles Kromer Humanities
Suzanne Blevins Humanities
Ruth Milliken Community Learning Center
Blue Caine San Juan College West
Liz Cowell San Juan College West
Carmen Martinez Small Business Development Center
Sandra Mascarenas Center for Student Achievement
Nicole DeHerrera Children's Behavioral Health
David Mayeux Planetarium
Judy Castleberry Enterprise Center
Cynthia Dunnahoo HHPC
Esther Hutson Humanities
Stephanie Griffith Humanities
Alyssa Brown Humanities
Gabrielle Allen Transfer Center


If you would like to be a Connections Team Member, please contact Lucy Haber at the Volunteer Center  (505-566-3690) or