Accessing Student Email from the MySJC Portal

For new students, a student email account has already been created for you. Before you can use this account, it must setup in the MySJC Portal and activated. Follow the simple steps below, from the MySJC Portal, to setup your student email account.

  1. Enter your credentials: This step stores your San Juan College email address and password so that each time you enter the MySJC Portal, you are notified of unread emails in your student account and can access your account with one click.

    1. Enter your credentials
      Click the Enter your credentials link in the Windows Live Mail box

    2. Provide Email Account Info
      On the Provide POP3 Email Account Information screen, enter your San Juan College email address and password and click OK.

  2. Activate Student Email

    1. Unread Email Messages
      After entering the correct credentials, you will see a Windows Live Mail screen similar to the one to the right. Click on the message related to the number of unread emails to access your student email account. In the example to the right, the message is "You have no unread messages"
    2. The first time you login to Windows Live Mail, you will be asked to re-enter your password and to answer several security questions. After you fill in your answers, click OK. You will then be taken to your student email account.
  3. All Done!
    Unread Email Messages
    Now, each time you enter the MySJC Portal, you will see the number of unread email messages in your Windows Live Mail account. Just click on the number of unread messages link to read your student email.