Accessing Student Email from Your Android Phone or iPhone


Android Setup

Note: Depending on whether or not you already have email accounts set up and your particular version of the Android OS, your options may be slightly different than those listed below. These directions are only meant to give a general direction for setting up your student email on your phone.



1. If you have an Android phone, go into your email program, hit the menu button and chose the accounts button and then click Add account.





2. Then you will have to chose the type of account to set up.

  1. Because you have to manually configure Outlook Live student email account for Android operating systems, we will chose Others.




3. Put in your login information but click manual setup and not next.

  1. Your Email address is your username + "".
  2. Your default Outlook Live password is "sjcp" + the last four digits of your social security number.  Your student email password is not tied to your San Juan College password and you may have changed this password.



4. Configure the POP3 settings

  1. User name and password same as before.
  2. The POP3 settings are as follows:
    POP3 server:
    Port: 995
    Security type: SSL (Accept all certificates)
  3. Optional: you can choose to delete the email from the server when you delete from your inbox or never.




  5. Configure the SMTP settings

  1. The SMTP settings are as follows:
    SMTP server:
    Port: 993
    Security type: TLS
    Require sign in: Yes
  2. Your username and password is the same as before.



The remaining questions are concerning email frequency and are solely user preference.


iPhone Setup

The process for setting up an iPhone with a manual POP3 account also differs slightly from OS to OS.

1. Access your settings button from the iPhone home screen and then touch the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" link.

2. Click "Add Account" and then click "Other" to add a mail account.

3. Select POP and input your name, SJC email address as defined above, and password.

4. In the Incoming Mail Server information put in for the POP3 sever with the port of 995 and SJC email adress and password. Also set it to use an SSL connection.

5. In the Outgoing Server put in with the port of 993 if possible. The outgoing connection should use a TLS security however your iPhone might automatically detect this.