AQIP 2012 Sytems Portfolio

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Systems Portfolio

The Systems Portfolio informs newcomers to the institution—both potential employees and new representatives of critically important stakeholder groups—with a quickly absorbable picture of how the institution works and what it is achieving. The Portfolio consists of an Institutional Overview and sections on each of the nine AQIP Categories. The Institutional Overview presents a picture that helps readers understand the institution's key strengths, ambitions, distinctions, and advantages, and explains the challenges, competitors, contests, and conflicts. It provides a context for appreciating the institution’s choices and decisions as readers learn more about the systems, processes, and performance.

Indexing Systems Portfolios to the Accreditation Criteria

To help document that an institution meets HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation, an AQIP institution needs to provide an index to the five Criteria for Accreditation along with the Systems Portfolio. This separate index will allow AQIP’s Systems Appraisal team to efficiently review the evidence of continued compliance with the Commission’s Criteria for Accreditation.


Index to Criteria