Web and Mobile Services

The Web Services team is responsible for:

  • Setting website priorities
  • Managing website development resources
  • Overseeing Content Managers in maintaining institutional web pages
  • Monitoring the health, usage, stability, and security of the website
  • Maintaining membership in the Web Advisory Committee
  • Ensuring a consistent look and feel throughout the website
  • Ensuring logical and consistent navigation throughout the website
  • Managing cross-departmental changes to the website
  • Granting access to the web management tools

Mini Projects (several weeks)

SJC Facebook Pages: We setting up administrative access for Public Relations and Web Services on SJC Facebook pages. We are wrapping up development on a Social Media page that lists links to social media pages by program and department.

Standard Programs Sites - Curriculum: We are looking at providing links to current and past program requirements by linking to sections of the Academic Catalog in PDF.

Update Checkbox Software: We are looking at upgrading the Checkbox software which is used to deliver surveys. The current version is approximately 3 years old. Awaiting server setup.

Co-Curricular System (75% complete): The Co-Curricular transcript system is very old and is not working reliably. The system will be completely rewritten. The system rewrite is underway.

Room Finder for Mobile Devices (70%): We are making a mobile version of Room Finder from the Virtual Tour so that students can find their rooms from any mobile device.

Site Builder Image Uploads to Allow ".txt": We have implemented a new slideshow utility the shows pictures and descriptions based on information in a text file. The Site Builder File Manager does not allow users to upload text files to the image directory. It is a restriction within the "Resource Type" that Site Builder has set up. Researching how to adjust Site Builder Resource Types.

Student Online Application: We have added a Financial Aid flag to the list of degrees and certificates and modified the online application to tell the applicant if the major selected is/is not available for financial aid. Wrapping up a complete rewrite of the online application which will tell the applicant the number of required fields on a page and which required fields have not been completed.

Long-Term Projects (many months)

Google Go Indoors (90% complete): Google Go Indoors will allow you to "zoom inside" San Juan College buildings to see detailed floor plans with room numbers. This service is initially available on Android phones with the mobile Google Map app. iPhone will be supported in the future. We have uploaded all SJC floor plans into the Google system. A Google team was on campus July 23-24 and wrapped up detailed location mapping inside our building. Google expects our data to be live before the end of August.

Virtual Tour Maps (100% complete): We are replacing the current Virtual Tour floor plans with updated high resolution plans. We are also creating a system that tags rooms on a floor plan so anyone can search for a room number and can go directly from the results to the location on the floor plan. The admin interface for tagging rooms is complete and we are building the room number data.

SharePoint 2010 (installation starts July 25): The portal servers will be installed and configured between now and July 23rd. Resources from Ellucian will be doing the SharePoint 2010 and Portal 3.x installation and setup starting on July 25th.

Events Calendar (not started): This project is to identify possible solutions for a college wide events calendar.

Internal Google Search Upgrade (awaiting budget): This project is to replace the existing Google Mini (web site search) with either a new Google Mini or Google Search Appliance. Google Search Appliance is being ordered.

Setup New Web Servers (awaiting server installs): Two new web servers are scheduled to be installed. After installation, Site Builder and other software will need to be setup and configured. One server will be a fail over in case the main web server goes down.

Cleanup Old Sites and Data (awaiting server installs): We have 20-30 old websites that are either no longer used or have been moved into Site Builder. These sites are no longer accessible, but still physically reside on the web server. These sites and any associated databases need to be archived and removed from the servers. This is tied to the setup of new web servers above.

Colleague/Tier-1/AD Sync (15% complete): Colleague is the master system for all staff and faculty information. Active Directory holds selective information found in Colleague and Tier-1 and the Cisco phone system then pull selective date from Active Directory. Updates to staff and faculty profiles are not always propagated AD/Tier-1/phone and this project is to identify where the current process break down and what forms/process need to be implemented to correct the problem.

Flexible FAQ System (25% complete): Currently, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are created and access by category. Because the current system only allows category display, certain FAQs must be entered in multiple categories to be displayed by departments. This project will make it possible to choose FAQs for display from any category and allow sorting of the FAQ display.

Photo Directory (75% complete): This project is to replace the current photo directory system with information from Tier-1, providing a single source for display of faculty and staff information on the web.

Onbase Forms (ongoing): Implementation on Onbase forms for capturing updates to student information and courses.

Tier-1 Widget (40% complete): The Standard Program interface used for all academic programs utilizes the Tier-1 system to display faculty and staff. This system has an administrative interface that allows administrators to quickly add, remove and organize faculty/staff for program display. The Tier-1 Widget provides the same functionality for any web page. Once deployed to existing web pages that list departmental staff, the staff listing and information will be maintained by a Tier-1 administration module.

Web Admin System Training: (awaiting Tier-1 and FAQ updates) Training on the web administrative systems that control Tier-1, Standard Programs and FAQs.

Office 365 for Students: (Feb-Mar 2013) The Microsoft upgrade of Outlook Live (our current student email system) to Outlook 365.