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Is the coursework harder at a baccalaureate institution?

Many find that to be true. The volume of work covered in the junior and senior years is much larger. You’ll probably spend more time studying. But completing your two-year degree proves you can do it!

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Will I be eligible for scholarships and/or financial aid as a transfer student?

Check with your baccalaureate college. Financial aid is available to transfer students who complete the FAFSA and who qualify for need-based aid. Deadlines for scholarships and FAFSA applications should be noted and adhered to.

If you are the recipient of the NM Lottery Success, NM Scholars, Legislative Endowment, or any other tuition-based scholarship, you will be able to keep the tuition, as long as you continue to meet the eligibility requirements and have not exceeded your eligible semesters. Check with the San Juan College Financial Aid office for more information on your current scholarships. You will need to submit the New Mexico Scholarship Transfer Transcript form to the institution you're planning to transfer to.

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I heard I can get a bachelor degree at SJC, is that true?

San Juan College does not offer Bachelor degrees.

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Do I need to take a foreign language to get into a University?

Going directly from high school to a university does require foreign language for most university admissions. However, if you are a transfer student with 30 or more college credits, you are no longer required to have a foreign language. Your admission is based on your college cumulative GPA and, if required, an essay, letters of recommendation, and an interview.

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I completed the General Studies AS degree but I still don't know what to major in when I transfer, is that a problem?

Four-year institutions would like you to decide before you arrive. Take advantage of SJC’s career and major planning options and the resources available at the four-year institution you're planning to attend.

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How can I know that the classes I take at SJC will transfer?

In accordance with policies established by the New Mexico Higher Education Department, your general education core courses taken at SJC are guaranteed to transfer to any New Mexico public institution. If you have decided on a major and/or an institution at which to complete your studies, be proactive by: checking the transfer agreements on the SJC Transfer Center website; meeting with the SJC Transfer Specialist or your advisor; and consulting with an academic advisor at the particular institution you have chosen. Plan ahead to determine the most appropriate course selections.

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Once I have earned my AS or AA degree am I guaranteed to get into my major at a university?

Admission into a major program at a transfer institution depends upon the receiving institution's requirements for that major. Some major programs are restricted and require special application as well as a competitive GPA. See both the SJC Transfer Specialist and an Academic Advisor at the intended receiving institution for specific articulation information.

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How long will it take me to finish my bachelor degree after I transfer?

It depends on several factors. If you are admitted as a junior in your major and attend full time, you should finish in approximately two years. If you transfer with fewers credits, attend school part-time, or change majors, it will take you longer to complete your degree.

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I have a lot of 'W's. Is that a problem?

Some selective majors and graduate programs review the number of 'W's. An on-going pattern of 'W's semester after semester could be viewed as a potential problem without appropriate explanation.

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I have bad grades at another college and want to start over. Do I have to report that I attended that school?

Yes, you must report all institutions previously attended and provide a transcript.

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What happens if I don't report all the previous schools I attended?

It could be construed as academic fraud and admissions or a degree could be rescinded.

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Can I change my major after I transfer?

Yes, but the courses taken for one major may not apply toward graduation requirements in another major and thereby increase the amount of time to graduate. Consult an advisor.

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When do I apply to transfer?

Begin the transfer process about 6-9 months prior to the semester you want to attend. This should provide enough time for admissions acceptance, orientation, registration, and any other department requirements that must be met.

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I repeated a class. Why is my first class still on my transcript and why hasn't my GPA changed?

Did you complete a 'Repeated Course Form' and turn it in to Enrollment Services? If you did, the last grade you earned should have been automatically substituted for the prior grade and included in your GPA calculation. The original grade will remain on your transcript, but marked as a repeat and removed from the GPA calculation.

Some four-year majors have a specific limit on how many times a course can be repeated and some colleges/universities use the second repeated course grade even if the first grade was higher when considering transfer of courses and GPA.

Refer to the SJC Academic Catalog, section “Repeat of a Course for Grade Substitution,” for more information.

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When is SJC's Graduation Application deadline?

Dates are posted in the SJC Academic Catalog, section "Graduation." Application forms are available in Enrollment Services or on the Graduation Information webpage. Students graduate from SJC every semester but the graduation ceremony is held once a year in May. Diplomas are mailed to students approximately one month after final grades are posted.

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How do I have my SJC transcript sent to a college or university for admissions?

Submit an onlne request form through WebAdvisor or via email or fax. More information is available on the SJC Transcripts Request webpage www.sanjuancollege.edu/pages/5150.asp

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For more information, please call The Transfer Center at 505-566-3983. Or send an email to transfer@sanjuancollege.edu.