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Transfer With or Without an Associates Degree?

You can choose to transfer with or without an associates degree, but many students do better academically in a two-year college and we have articulation agreements in place with several four-year colleges and universities that assure you of transferring with full junior status. These agreements define the way courses and program will transfer from SJC to the other institution. Every course you take will count.

Transferring to a school without an Articulation Agreement

If you want to transfer to a school that does not have an agreement with SJC you'll still have the benefits of attending here: a quality education at a reduced cost. The main difference is that without an articulation agreement, the transfer institution may not accept all of your course credits. This means you might have to take or re-take additional courses. Just make sure you work with the SJC Transfer Specialist or your advisor to maximize the number of credits that will be accepted. Know what the transfer institution expects before taking classes at SJC.

Transfer Degrees

Applied degree programs (AAA/AAS) and certificates (CERT) are not designed to transfer. Depending on the four-year institution, there are some exceptions where graduates of the applied programs may be able to transfer.

For more information, please call The Transfer Center at 505-566-3983. Or send an email to transfer@sanjuancollege.edu.