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5 Tips for Transfer Success

Check out Articulation Agreements SJC has with other other institutions. These agreements take the guesswork out of the process because they spell out in black and white exactly what classes you need to take in order to transfer with junior-level status.
Keep your grade point average (GPA) up. Admission to four-year institutions is competitive. Most only accept courses with a grade of C or better, and many require a much higher GPA depending on the field of study. If you find yourself having difficulties with any of your courses, get help immediately. Seek out your instructor during office hours to review your work. For additional help, contact the SJC tutoring center - it's a free resource - and meet with your academic advisor to discuss other support services and resources that are available to you.
Be early with EVERYTHING. Choose your major early. Develop your transfer plan early. Sign up for SJC transfer events early. Apply to the college(s) you're interested in early. Get your official transcripts submitted early. Apply for SJC graduation early.
Be bold. Meet regularly with your SJC advisors. Keep them informed on your progress. Don't navigate through this process on your own.
Stay focused. This is an intense process with lots of steps, but you can do it. Just keep your goal in mind and work hard. It's worth it. You're worth it.

For more information, please call The Transfer Center at 505-566-3983. Or send an email to transfer@sanjuancollege.edu.