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Student Orientation


Welcome to the San Juan College Student Orientation. Below you will see different modules that will help introduce you to San Juan College, the services we provide you as a student, as well as to what to expect when taking classes. Please feel free to explore the resources in any order. If you are interested in taking online classes at San Juan College we encourage you to go through our Online Readiness Questionnaire, which can be found at

  1. Life at San Juan College - This module will provide you information on the structure of the college, how to navigate the campus, a list of people and resources that you will need as a student, and will introduce you to the San Juan College portal.
  2. Life Skills - This module will provide you with information regarding time management, integrating your personal life and college career, personal responsibilities, financial responsibilities, resources you have access to as a student, understanding your transcripts, program evaluation, and how to purchase textbooks.
  3. Study Skills - This module will provide you with information on how to be a better student.
  4. Course Expectations - This module is focused on what to expect when taking an online class and will provide you with general information on getting a good start in your online courses.
  5. Technical Requirements - This module will discuss the basic computer setup for using the learning management system (Canvas) that is used for not only online courses, but for some of our traditional (face to face) courses as well. The basics of using Canvas will also be provided.

    For more information or to receive assistance
    please contact the Office of Retention at 505-566-3378 or