Emergency Medical Services

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Associate of Applied Science

Paramedics provide the highest level of care in the pre-hospital setting and are currently in high demand. Students interested in pursuing training at the paramedic level have the option of both a certificate program and an Associate of Applied Science degree. The AAS degree may be transferrable to four-year baccalaureate degree programs in EMS. Those students wishing to transfer to a baccalaureate granting institution are strongly encouraged to check with their advisor and carefully coordinate their coursework at San Juan College with the requirements of the transfer institution. A full Associate of Science degree option is also available for those students requiring it (see Associate of Science section for additional information). This program is designed to meet the US D OT National Standard Curriculum for EMT-Paramedic, the EMS Education Standards for Paramedic, and the NM EMS training standards. Students who complete the certificate or degree programs are eligible to sit for the applicable levels of the New Mexico state EMS licensure and/or the National Registry exams.

Note: The student must complete each course in the curriculum with a C or better to remain in and graduate from the program.

Admission Process:

Selection into the Paramedic program is limited and competitive with available seats awarded to the most qualified applicants based on the following criteria:

  1. High school diploma or GED
  2. Proof of academic ability: Completion of RDNG-113, ENGL-098, and MATH-096 or appropriate Reading, English, and Math Accuplacer scores. (MATH 114 recommended)
  3. Completion of program prerequisites (Students currently enrolled in a prerequisite course that will complete the course prior to the start of the program will be considered contingent on their successful completion of the course-work.)
  4. Complete program application with all required documentation
  5. Current New Mexico licensure or National Registry certification at the level of Advanced Emergency Medical Technician (AEMT) that will be valid through the duration of the program
  6. Current AHA Basic Life Support or comparable healthcare provider CPR certification that will be valid through the duration of the program
  7. Letters of recommendation indicating the student’s ability to be successful in the Program from the student’s supervisor, Medical Director, or someone who can attest to the student’s ability.
  8. Completion of a written and practical examination administered by the EMS Program by appointment.
  9. All other requirements as may be established by clinical and/or field training sites including, but not limited to, criminal background check, drug screening, and proof of vaccinations or titers.
  10. Interview with EMS Program staff
  11. Attendance at a mandatory program orientation

See program Plan for further information.

For more information, please call EMS Program at (505) 566-3857. Or send an email to ems@sanjuancollege.edu.