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Promoting Native American Student Achievement in Math and Science

The Launch Program promotes Native American student achievement in math and science foundation courses through strong preparation for college and industry level math and science, quality instruction that values cultural assets, and building supportive communities around education, family, and life vision.

The Launch Program offers opportunities and services to students, families, faculty, and staff of San Juan College in order to foster higher aspirations, deeper learning, and greater cultural understanding. Our aim is to prepare students well for college level math and science curriculum, while simultaneously creating a college environment that is attuned to the diversity of strengths, challenges, experiences and ways of knowing among the students we serve.

The Launch Program staff report through the Senior Director of the Student Success Center, Dr. Michaele Brandon, who is also the principal investigator for the grant.

Support-Rich Math and Science Courses

Launch Program Intervention Specialists will work with math and science faculty to provide support-rich sections of selected foundational courses. Support will range from content topics to college success strategies. Intervention specialists will maintain individual relationships with enrolled students and assist with the building a broad support network including peers, family, and campus and community resources.

Summer Programs

Summer Bridge - In this two-week, residential program participants will gain essential skills for transition to college, college success, and career goal attainment.

Summer Launch Academy - During this six-week program, participants have the opportunity and resources to advance their Accuplacer placement in Math, Reading, and English.

Dual Credit

Beginning with the graduating class of 2013, students graduating from high schools in New Mexico must complete one of the following prior to graduation.

  • Advanced Placement or Honors Course
  • Distance Learning Course
  • Dual Credit Approved College Course

San Juan College is committed to expanding opportunities for NM high school students to satisfy these requirements. Many students are not able to take AP and honors courses, are not close to a college that offers dual credit opportunities, and are encumbered by the high demands of distance learning. The Launch Program, in partnership with NM high schools, will develop a site-based facilitated model that allows students to receive curriculum through online SJC courses, while working in a supported classroom environment during the regular school day at their high school.

SJC Dual Credit Information
NM PED Graduation Requirements

Cultural Immersion

The Cultural Immersion Program provides you the opportunity to experience traditional Native American lifestyle and culture first-hand. During the seven day program, you will visit various native communities on the reservation and throughout the four corners region, learning more about Native foods, celebrations, history and demographics. You will visit a Chapter House, a traditional trading post and a Navajo farm, among other enriching destinations. This Program entails a seven-day commitment, three consecutive days in August plus one day per month September through December. Stipends are available for faculty who attend events outside of regular contract dates.

2013 Cultural Immersion Brochure

Staff Development Opportunities

Throughout the year, faculty/staff innovation teams will have opportunities to attend professional conferences, trainings, or workshops covering various topics relevant to Launch Program initiatives and program outcomes. Upon return, each pair will implement a small scale project related to the professional development experience. Results will be documented and shared with interested parties.

This program is funded through a U.S. Department of Education TITLE III NASNTI grant of $1.9 million
over 5 years, and 100% grant funded for the first 2 years.

For more information, please call Angie Reimer at 505-566-3850. Or send an email to