Non-Degree Seeking Admission Requirements

International students are welcome to apply to San Juan College as a non-degree seeking student. Non-degree admission is intended for the student not seeking a degree or certificate at San Juan College or for students who do not meet the requirements for either Regular Degree Seeking On-Campus admission or Online Program admission. A student who has not graduated from high school (or the international equivalent of a United States high school) may be admitted as a non-degree student, provided the student is at least 18 years of age on the first day of the term the student is enrolling in and his/her class has graduated from high school.

Courses taken as a non-degree student may be transferred to another college (must check with the college you are transferring to for complete listing of transferrable classes), taken for job improvement, or personal enrichment. International students do NOT need to be in an F-1 status to be non-degree seeking and no college or high school transcripts are required to be admitted as a non-degree seeking student. NOTE: If a student wishes to change their admit status from non-degree seeking to regular degree seeking on-campus admission or online program admission, they must meet all the criteria as stated above for each respective admission type.

Non-degree seeking students who wish to enroll in English, mathematics, or reading courses at San Juan College, are required to take the Accuplacer and satisfy the required pre-requisite and co-requisite course requirements for all courses.

Non-Degree Seeking International students pay non-resident tuition and general fees. Please refer to the current Schedule of Classes for current tuition rates.