ENgaging LAtino Communities for Education (ENLACE)

Latino College Day

“Imagine Your Possibilities!”

Sponsored by: Northwest New Mexico ENLACE at San Juan College

Juniors and Seniors, as well as parents, teachers and administrators will want to mark on their calendars Latino College Day every Spring Semester. This event takes place in the Henderson Fine Arts Center. We will contact you with dates and times.

Organized by San Juan College's ENLACE program, this event focuses leadership, cultural identity and self empowerment. The event is designed to motivate high school students to continue their education. Along with workshops for students. Latino Day also will include seminars and workshops for teachers, administrators and parents.

For more information call (505) 325-1055

Para más información llame (505) 325-1055

ENgaging LAtino Communities for Education
3539 30th St. Suite 118
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