Compensation Study

Condrey and Associates, Inc. will be conducting a Wage and Compensation Study for SJC. To ensure we have the most up-to-date, clear, and accurate job description for every position, each regular employee must complete a Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) as the first step of this study. The Position Description Questionnaire will be distributed by email during the week of August 19th. It will be important for each of you to set aside a two-or-three hour time period to read and complete this questionnaire before September 3rd, which then must be reviewed by your supervisory chain and returned to HR no later than September 18th. Please open the attachment. It is a timeline for the position description questionnaire process. A schedule for information sessions will be published soon. This is an opportunity to ask questions regarding the Position Description Questionnaire, if needed. Please direct any questions to the Co-Chairs for the Wage & Compensation Implementation Team: Garry Smothers, and Stacey Allen,


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Upper Administrative

Position Title
Job Desc
Associate Vice President - Business Services
Associate Vice President - Learning
Director - Human Resources
Director - Public Relations and Marketing
Executive Assistant to the President
Vice President - Administrative Services
Vice President - Learning
Vice President - Student Services

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Professional Staff

Position Title
Job Desc
Academic Advisor - EDGE
Academic Advisor - Counselor
Advisor - Financial Aid
Advisor - Native American Center Program
Advisor - Nursing Program
Advisor - Online Academics
Advisor - ABE Program
Advisor - Talent Search
Analyst - Research
Associate Director - Department of Public Safety
Assistant Custodial Supervisor
Assistant Director - Community Learning Center
Assistant Director - Financial Aid
Assistant Director - Physical Plant
Assistant Director - Support Services
Assistant Manager - Bookstore
Assistant Supervisor - Custodial Night Shift
Assistant Controller
Budget Analyst
Business Counselor - SBDC
Coordinator - Faculty Development
Coordinator - Dual Credit
Coordinator ENLACE Program
Coordinator - Enrollment Services
Coordinator - Hispanic Latino Center
Coordinator - Facilities and Operations HHPC
Coordinator - Front Desk Operations - HHPC
Coordinator - Intramural HHPC
Coordinator - Math Tutoring
Coordinator - Nursing Lab
Coordinator - On-line Student Support
Coordinator - Outdoor Leadership HHPC
Coordinator - Outdoor Recreation HHPC
Coordinator - Public Relations
Coordinator - Quality Improvement
Coordinator - Retention
Coordinator - Science Tutoring
Coordinator - Theatre Tech
Coordinator - Veterans Center
Counselor - Academic Advisor
Curator - Herbarium
Dean - School of Business
Dean - School of Energy
Dean - School of Health Sciences
Dean - School of Humanities
Dean - School of Science-Math-Engineering
Dean - School of Trades and Technology
Director - ABE GED ESL
Director - Advising and Counseling
Director - HHPC
Director - Child And Family Development Center
Director - Community Learning Center
Director - San Juan College East
Director - EDGE Program
Director - Enterprise Center
Director - Environmental Health
Director - Fast Forward
Director - Grants
Director - Institutional Research
Director - Launch Program
Director - Library Services
Director - Native American Programs
Director - Public Events
Director - Safety - Health - Security
Director - Purchasing
Director - Radio Program
Director - Rentention
Director - Small Business Development Center
Director - Student Activities
Director - Talent Search
Director - Testing Center
Director - User Services - OTS
Director - Advising-Counseling
General Manager Radio Station
Grants Development and Compliance Officer
Graphics Designer - Public Relations
HR Informations Systems Analyst
Human Resources - Generalist
Instructional Specialist-Ctx
Instructional Specialist-On-Line Health Information Tech Program
Instructional Specialist-Instrumentation and Controls - Temp
Instructor - ABE-GED Prog
Instructor - Kids Kollege
Intervention Specialist - Launch Program
Journeyman Electrician
Journeyman HVAC Technician
Lead Teacher - Infant-Toddler-CFDC
Lead Teacher - Preschool CFDC
Librarian - Reference
Manager - Accounting
Manager - Accounts Payable
Manager - Assessment Lab HHPC
Manager - Benefits
Manager - Bookstore
Manager - BP Project SOE
Manager - Facility HHPC
Manager - Institutional Research
Manager - Media Services
Manager - Physical Plant Office
Manager - HR Employee Relations
Manager of Technical Support - OTS
Network Systems Analyst
Purchasing Agent
Recruiter - Trades and Technology
Recruiter - Automotive Program
Registrar - Enrollment Services
Specialist - Academic EDGE Program
Specialist - Career Services
Specialist - Enrollment Services
Specialist - HR Employment
Specialist - HR Classification and Compensation
Specialist - Media Services Technician
Specialist - Network OTS
Specialist - Research - Fast Forward
Specialist - Research IR
Specialist - Safety Program SOE
Specialist - Student Activities
Specialist - Theatre
Specialist - Transition - Launch Program
Specialist - Transfer - Fast Forward
Senior Director - Enrollment Services
Senior Director - Financial Aid
Senior Director - Physical Plant
Senior Systems Administration OTS
Senior Web Technologist
Supervisor - Accounting Restricted Funds
Supervisor - Construction Physical Plant
Supervisor - Custodial Night Shift
Supervisor - Mechanical Maintenance Physical Plant
Supervisor - Painter
Network Support Technician OTS
Technology Trainer - OTS
Web Developer - Fast Forward

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Position Title
Job Desc
Associate Professor - Generic
Assistant Director - Nursing Program
Assistant Professor - Generic
Coordinator - Fire Science Program
Coordinator - Learning Community
Coordinator - Process Technology - SOE
Coordinator - Respiratory Therapy
Coordinator - Vet Tech - On-line Program
Coordinator - Instructor - Alternative Licensure Program
Coordinator - Instructor - Automotive Program
Coordinator - Instructor - Auto Body
Coordinator - Instructor - Clinical Respiratory Therapy Program
Coordinator - Instructor - Diesel Program
Coordinator - Instructor - Drafting Program
Coordinator - Instructor - GIST Program
Coordinator - Instructor - Instrumentation and Controls
Coordinator - Instructor - OTA Fieldwork
Coordinator - Instructor - Petroleum Technology - SOE
Coordinator - Instructor - Welding Program
Coordinator - Instructor - Well Service Training
Director - Associate Professor of ECED
Director - Instructor - Cosmetology Program
Director - Instructor - Dental Programs
Director - Instructor - EMS Program
Director - Nursing Program
Educational Specialist - Alternative Licensure Program
Instructor - Accounting
Instructor - Administrative Office Assistant Program
Instructor - Anatomy and Physiology
Instructor - Anthropology
Instructor - Applied Math - Auto Physics
Instructor - Astronomy
Instructor - Automotive Body
Instructor - Biology
Instructor - Business and Marketing
Instructor - Ceramics
Instructor - Chemistry
Instructor - College Success Strategies
Instructor - CDL Program
Instructor - Compression Technology
Instructor - Computer Science
Instructor - Cosmetology
Instructor - Creative Arts and Technology
Instructor - Dental Hygiene
Instructor - Developmental Math
Instructor - Diesel Mechanics
Instructor - Digital Media and Design
Instructor - EMS Prog
Instructor - Encore
Instructor - Engineering
Instructor - English
Instructor - Fire Science Program
Instructor - Generic 9 Month
Instructor - Geography - GIST
Instructor - Geology
Instructor - HIT Program
Instructor - Horticulture
Instructor - ICE Program
Instructor - Instrumentation And Controls Program
Instructor - IPOP Program
Instructor - Lease Operator
Instructor - Machine Shop
Instructor - Maintenance Mechanic Program
Instructor - Math
Instructor - Mechanical Apprenticeship
Instructor - Microbiology - Medical Technician
Instructor - Navajo Language
Instructor - Nursing
Instructor - Nursing ADN Program
Instructor - Nursing CNA Program
Instructor - Nursing CTE Program
Instructor - Operations Apprenticeship
Instructor - Petroleum Technology
Instructor - Photography
Instructor - Physical Therapist Assistant Program
Instructor - Physics
Instructor - Psychology
Instructor - Reading
Instructor - Safety Programs
Instructor - Sociology
Instructor - Spanish Language
Instructor - Speech
Instructor - Surgical Technology
Instructor - Technical Writing
Instructor - Theatre
Instructor - US History
Instructor - Well Controls
Instructor - Welding
Instructor - World History
Professor - Generic 9 Month

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Support Staff

Position Title
Job Desc
Administrative Assistant I - ABE
Administrative Assistant I - CFDC
Administrative Assistant I - Family Resource Center
Administrative Assistant I - Human Resources
Administrative Assistant I - School of Business
Administrative Assistant II - ABE
Administrative Assistant II - Advising and Counseling
Administrative Assistant II - Automotive Program
Administrative Assistant II - CFDC
Administrative Assistant II - CFDC PT
Administrative Assistant II - CWT
Administrative Assistant II - Family Resource Center
Administrative Assistant II - Humanities
Administrative Assistant II - School of Science and Math PT
Administrative Assistant II - Small Business Development Center
Administrative Assistant II - School of Energy
Administrative Assistant II - Talent Search
Administrative Assistant III - CLC
Administrative Assistant III - CTX
Administrative Assistant III - Dental
Administrative Assistant III - EDGE Program
Administrative Assistant III - EMS Program
Administrative Assistant III - Energy Training Center
Administrative Assistant III - Enrollment Services
Administrative Assistant III - Environment and Safety
Administrative Assistant III - Fast Forward Program
Administrative Assistant III - HIT Program
Administrative Assistant III - Launch Program
Administrative Assistant III - Library
Administrative Assistant III - Native Amer Ctr
Administrative Assistant III - Nursing Programs
Administrative Assistant III - Nursing Programs Temp
Administrative Assistant III - Physical Plant
Administrative Assistant III - PTA Program
Administrative Assistant III - Department of Public Safety
Administrative Assistant III - Public Events
Administrative Assistant III - Purchasing
Administrative Assistant III - Respiratory Therapy Program
Administrative Assistant III - Simulation Center & Resp Therapy
Administrative Assistant III - San Juan College East
Administrative Assistant III - San Juan College West
Administrative Assistant III - Student Activities
Administrative Assistant III - Testing Center
Administrative Assistant III - Alternative Licensure Program
Administrative Assistant III - Vet Tech
Administrative Assistant IV - ACAD SCHED
Administrative Assistant IV - Advising and Counseling Center
Administrative Assistant IV - CFDC
Administrative Assistant IV - Center for Student Engagement
Administrative Assistant IV - Dental Program
Administrative Assistant IV - EMS Program
Administrative Assistant IV - Energy Training Center
Administrative Assistant IV - Financial Aid
Administrative Assistant IV - Foundation
Administrative Assistant IV - Health Science
Administrative Assistant IV - HHPC
Administrative Assistant IV - Humanities
Administrative Assistant IV - Med Lab
Administrative Assistant IV - Nursing Program
Administrative Assistant IV - Office of Quality Improvement and CC
Administrative Assistant IV - Office of Learning
Administrative Assistant IV - OTA
Administrative Assistant IV - Physical Plant
Administrative Assistant IV - Office of Retention
Administrative Assistant IV - Academic Scheduling Services
Administrative Assistant IV - School of Business
Administrative Assistant IV - School of Science
Administrative Assistant IV - Surgical Tech and Med Lab Tech Pgm
Administrative Assistant IV - School of Trades and Technology
Administrative Assistant V - Human Resources
Administrative Assistant V - OTS
Administrative Assistant V - VP Admin Services
Administrative Assistant V - VP Learning
Administrative Assistant V - VP Student Services
Human Resources Assistant I
Library Assistant I - San Juan College West - PT
Library Assistant I
Library Assistant II
Library Assistant III
Assistant - Art Gallery
Tool Room Attendant
Bookstore Cashier I - Temp
Bookstore Cashier I
Bookstore Cashier II
Human Resources Records Clerk I - Temp
Clerk 1 - Mailroom
Shipping & Receiving Clerk
Clerk 2 - Mailroom
Clerk 3 - Finalcial Aid
Records Clerk III - Transcript Specialist
Clerk 3 Records Registrar - Abe Program
Pta Contract Specialist Clerk V
Records Clerk HHPC - Pt
Lead Mailroom Clerk
Community Coordinator Enlace Program
School Operations Coordinator
Custodial Lead Worker I
Custodial Lead Worker III
Custodial Lead Worker III
Custodial Worker I - Temp
Custodial Worker I
Custodial Worker II
Educational Liaison - Enlace Prog
Grounds Keeper - Indoor Plant Keeper
Groundskeeper I
Groundskeeper II
Groundskeeper III
Groundskeeper - Seasonal
Grounds Keeper - Temp
Helpdesk Support II - OTS
Instructional Associate I - OTS
Instructional Associate 2 - CFDC
Instructional Associate 2 - Nursing Skills Lab
Instructional Associate 2 - Students with Disabilities on Campus
Instructional Associate III - Hit Prog
Equipment Maintenance I HHPC
Equipment Maintenance II HHPC
Maintenance Worker III - Phys Plant
Officer 1 Public Safety
Officer 2 Public Safety
Officer 3 Public Safety
Officer 4 Public Safety
Painter II - Physical Plant
Proctor - Testing Ctr Temp
Accounting Technician V - Purchasing
Records Support II - Admissions/Records
Records Support 3 - Enrollment Services
Records Support IV - Transcript Specialist
Records Support V - Vet Tech
Records Clerk V - Pta
Runner - Kids Kollege
Spec - Pc - Ots
Specialist - Testing Ctr
Spec 2 - Member Services Hhpc
Substitute Teacher - CFDC
Admissions Support III - Enrollment Services
Switchboard Operator
Tech - Theatre
Tech I - Copy Services
Communications Technician I
Tech 1 - Lab - Ots
Web Technician I - Ots
Accounting Technican II - Accounts Payable
Copy Services Tech II
Tech 2 - Lab - Ots
Accounting Technician III - Accounts Payable
Copy Services Technician III
Human Resources Technician III - Payroll
Human Resources Assistant III - HRIS/Analysis
Accounting Technican III - Payroll
Accounting Technician IV - Accounts Payable
Accounting Technician IV - Accounts Receivable Off Site
Accounting Technician V -Purchasing Department
Tech - Dental Lab
Tech - HVAC
Tech - Media
Tech - Photo Lab
Radio Technician
Research Technician - Institutional Research

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