Honors Service Learning

Honors Service LearningHonors Service Learning Classes are classes in which the Honors module emcompasses service learning. Students can graduate with a distinct Honors Service Learning Designation with 4 Honors Service Learning Courses; otherwise, the Honors Service Learning Courses count toward regular Honors credits.

There are countless advantages to partaking in Honors Service Learning courses. As part of the Honors program, students can acquire scholarships and a graduation designation. San Juan College has an outstanding, established Service Learning program. By doing the service learning, students can assist their community, get applied experience utilizing what they learned, and build their resume, all of which makes them more desirable to future employers and higher education institutions.

Research also shows that students who do service learning often are more involved in and excited about class work. Students in the Honors program push themselves to higher academic goals. Students interested in partaking in the Honors Service Learning Program will need to enroll in courses characterized HSLC. Look for courses with this label or ask your instructor. Honors Service Learning courses are taught in a wide and extensive variety of subjects.

Service Learning Registration Form and Packets

Faculty who are looking for resources to incorporate service learning into their courses should visit the National Service Learning Clearinghouse.

Experienced service learning instructors are available to assist faculty with fabricating efficient Honors Service Learning requirements. For further questions and requests for information, whether from students, faculty or community organizations, contact Danielle Sullivan at sullivand@sanjuancollege.edu (505-566-3641) and/or Terry Swan at swant@sanjuancollege.edu (505-566-3546).