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Department of Public Safety

Anonymous Witness Form

Please use this form to anonymously report any incident and/or crime that you think the San Juan College Security & Safety Department OR the Farmington Police Department should be aware of. Please give as much detail as possible, including supects name(s) (if known), addresses, last known clothing description, a vehicle description with license plate number and state (if known), and any and all other pertinent information to the incident. You may include your name if you wish.

>>> Prosecution of violators may not be possible without your testimony <<<

* Month of Incident
* Day of Incident
* Year of Incident
* Time of Incident
* Location of Incident
* Type of Crime/Incident that occurred
* Please describe the crime/incident in as much detail as possible
* Please check one box with your preference

A name, address and/or phone number you can be contacted at if that is your preference