Facility Standards

To be approved as an off-campus clinical instruction (OCCI) site for the San Juan College Veterinary Technology Distance Learning Program, veterinary care facilities must meet certain minimum standards regarding hospital staff, equipment, and practice quality. Each OCCI site must agree to follow these standards in order to be approved. These minimum standards must be met in order to assure that students receive adequate exposure to quality veterinary medical practices and equipment.  By submitting the OCCI Site Application form, you are agreeing to abide by these standards.  Please click on the following link to review these standards:  Click to view Facility Standards

In addition to the companion animal OCCI requirements, tier 4 students are also required to complete clinical tasks on food and farm animals.  Students have two options for completing this portion of their clinical requirements. 



The Student may attend a Fast Track Lab which will provide the student with the required large animal clinical experience, as well as the required laboratory animal tasks.  No video is required for this option.  Option 1 is the most popular option with students.  For additional details on the Fast Track Labs, click on the link below.

 Click here to view a short presentation regarding the Fast Track Lab option



The student may request that a local large animal facility be approval as an OCCI site. Students in large animal OCCI facilities will be required to perform general equine anesthesia, including the induction of anesthesia, monitoring of the patient, and the successful recovery from anesthesia using either injectable or inhalant anesthesia.  The facility must submit an OCCI Site Agreement.  The student will be required to do an additional video when taking VETT 233 to meet the course requirements.


Applying for Food and Farm Animal OCCI Site Approval

Students attending the fast track lab are not required to have an approved food and farm animal facility.  For students choosing option 2 above, application for food and farm animal (aka large animal) site approval must be completed and approved prior to taking VETT 233.  It is recommended that students begin the application process while in tier 3. 

The application form must be completed and submitted by the person who is applying to be the primary preceptor for the facility.  Please note that a preceptor must be a doctor of veterinary medicine (licensed DVM or VMD) or a credentialed veterinary technician (RVT, LVT, CVT or a graduate of an AVMA approved veterinary technology program).  Furthermore, all veterinary technician applicants will be required to submit a copy of his or her current state licensure or diploma from an approved veterinary technology program.  

Below are the links to additional instructions, a sample of a completed form, as well as the actual facility application form. The application opens directly in your browser and must be completed and submitted online.

How to apply for facility OCCI Approval.

Sample of a completed form

OCCI Site Application Food/Farm Animal Facility 


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