Distance Accuplacer

You are now ready to take the Accuplacer from a location which is remote from the main campus. 
Students who are in driving distance from San Juan College should probably drive in to take the test because the test is free to students, and in order to take the test from a distant location, you will need to find a proctor who may charge you a fee.
The Accuplacer is simply a testing tool which will help place you into classes which you will be most likely to succeed.
You should have already done the following:

  1. Applied to San Juan College
  2. Filed for Financial Aid
  3. Sent transcripts to San Juan College from High Schools and other Colleges which you attended.
  4. Set up your San Juan College email account.

To take the test from a distant location:

  1. Send an email,  from your San Juan College email, to distanceaccuplacer@sanjuancollege.edu and try to tell us at least three things:
    1. Your name (the one that San Juan College has in its database)
    2. Your student ID number
    3.  What program you are in (your major, for instance Vet Tech or PTAP)
  2. If there is other information that you are aware of that is relevant, for instance, a proctor or testing facility which you have questions about, go ahead and include that. 
  3. We now have a virtual proctoring service which allows students to take the Accuplacer from a home, as long as certain technical requirements are met.

Welcome to San Juan College! Please contact us at distanceaccuplacer@sanjuancollege.edu or fax us at 505-566-3601 if you have any questions.