Technology Leadership Conference 2014


Event Sponsorship Levels and Benefits
San Juan College believes in maintaining solid relationships with local businesses and the community. We are certain that through the Technology Leadership Conference, all constituents benefit. The Technology Leadership Conference will support your business by providing exposure to your products and services as well as interaction with community leaders, other businesses, college staff, faculty and community members. The 10th annual conference which has doubled in size over the last two years has become one of the largest technology conferences in the area hosting attendees from the entire four corners area and beyond. Below are the options for participation in this year’s conference.


$100 – Bronze Sponsorship

  • Company name and logo on all materials related to events, and prominent location on San Juan College TLC Event web site and event media releases
  • Recognition as bronze sponsor during the conference
  • Recognition in local media advertising
  • Table and 5x8 space  at conference



$500 - Silver Sponsorship

  • Benefits of Bronze Sponsorship


  • Recognition as silver sponsor during the conference
  • Table and 5x10 space for large booth

$1,000 - Gold Sponsorship

  • Benefits of Silver Sponsorship


  • The opportunity to include literature in event bags
  • Table and 8x10 space for large area setup
  • Co- sponsor of the Event

$6,000 – Platinum Event Sponsors

  • Benefits of Gold Event Sponsor


  • Prominent listing as Platinum sponsor on all events, all event advertising and in all publications
  • Special recognition during meet and greet the night before, breakfast/lunch day of the event
  • Logo/name on TLC web page
  • Premium space on day of event
  • Table and 2x 30x72 space for largest area setup
  • Large banner at meet and greet, breakfast/lunch day of the event
  • 2 spots are available for the Platinum event


Platinum Event Sponsorships -

  • Meet and greet will consist of a vendor sponsored event for 200 people that will available to the 1st 150 attendees to sign up and register for meet and greet event. Sponsoring vendor will receive 20 registrations to use as they see fit. 30 registrations will be used for speakers and keynotes and college TLC staff and College executive leadership. The meet and greet will be for the public to meet with the keynotes and speakers the day before the event.


  • Breakfast/Lunch will consist of a vendor sponsored event for approximately 500 people. The food will be provided in the AM and Lunch Hour. Vendor will be recognized as the sponsor of the meals during the conference as well as throughout the event.

Payment information: This year we are able to offer credit card payments for the sponsorships.
Please contact Gaylyn Harris at (505)566-4321 for credit card processing and receipts.