Fire Science

Fire Science 

Fire Science (AAS.FIRE) 61-77 credit hours
Advanced Firefighter (CER.FIRE.ADV) 46 credit hours
Basic Firefighting (CER.FIRE.BAS) 32 credit hours
Industrial Firefighter (CER.FIRE.IND) 22 credit hours
Technical Rescue (CER.FIRE.TRES) 15 credit hours
Wildland Firefighter (CER.FIRE.WILD) 17 credit hours

Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science

Fire Fighters on StairsFor information on coursework, degree requirements or entrance into the program, contact George Brenton, Fire Science coordinator, at 505-566-3590 or

Fire FighterThe Associate of Applied Science degree in Fire Science is designed to give students the essential education and hands-on training needed for a career in firefighting. Students will receive training in the basic concepts of firefighting and will participate in actual hands-on evolutions that will give them real experience in the firefighting career field. In addition, courses are offered in Emergency Medical Services.

This program is extremely physically demanding and requires participants to successfully complete evolutions where the students operate in one of the most aggressive atmospheres that a human being can survive.

The Associate of Applied Science in Fire Science is open to all students reguardless of fire service employment. Due to the requirements of the classes,instructor approval is required to enroll in fire science courses.

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For more information, please call George Brenton at (505) 566-3590. Or send an email to