1. Establish well-defined policies, procedures and processes that advance the strategic plan.
  2. Provide high quality student services that mitigate obstacles, promote learning and goal attainment.
  3. Develop partnerships with industry, community, and other academic institutions that enhance student learning and the economic vitality of the region.
  4. Develop systems for broad-based participation in data-informed decision making.
  5. Allocate resources that promote institutional effectiveness.
  6. Develop new resources and revenue streams to support operational and programmatic needs.
  7. Provide resources and professional development for faculty and staff that support the Learning College philosophy within the comprehensive community college model.
  8. Collaborate with regional leaders to drive economic development in the Four Corners.
  9. Serve as a center for the arts, cultural enrichment and a resource for multi-cultural understanding.
  10. Build widespread awareness of college programs, activities and services from which the College’s stakeholders can benefit.