Are courtroom dramas your favorite TV shows? Does the legal system fascinate you? Do you enjoy research and investigation? Then a career as a paralegal may be right for you. Short of practicing law, you’ll get to do many of the things that a lawyer does, including interviewing witnesses, investigating the facts, researching the law, drafting legal documents, managing case files, and assisting lawyers in the courtroom during trials. This is an exciting career!

Graduates from the San Juan College Paralegal program are equipped to work in law offices, financial institutions, title companies, government agencies, and legal departments for a variety of companies. Our program is also approved as a Navajo Nation Tribal Advocacy training program, which, for qualified persons could lead to becoming a licensed Tribal Advocate on the Navajo Nation.

The Paralegal Program can open the door to an interesting and exciting career as a Paralegal (Legal Assistant). Through formal Paralegal training, you will have the opportunity to advance inside one the most fascinating and challenging professions in the nation. Employment growth in this field has been and is projected to be above average for both New Mexico and the nation, as lawyers work to reduce the costs of legal services by hiring paralegals (legal assistants) to perform tasks formerly done only by lawyers. Paralegals are utilized by many employers, including law offices of all sizes, courts and court clerks, financial institutions, title companies, government agencies, both federal and state, and legal departments of various companies.

Quick Facts
  • A Navajo Nation Tribal Advocacy training program is avaiable to students.
  • Paralegals preform many of the same task as lawyers such as interviewing witnesses, investigating the facts and researching the law.

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