The Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) program provides the training and skills necessary for individuals to pass the three-part CDL exam. Students learn in the classroom, on a simulator, in a truck on the training course and in a truck on the highway.

To experience a variety of possible on-road scenarios that could occur, students use a three-screen plasma driver training simulator that combines a fully operational truck cab with the latest digital simulation. While safely seated in the simulator, students learn to handle challenging combinations of weather and truck operations to improve their driving behaviors and skills.

Students are taught how to maneuver large trucks, as well as how to inspect and load trucks to comply with regulations. In addition, students receive instruction on endorsements and log books. Class A, B, and C training trucks are available.

The School of Energy’s CDL program is the best in the state. Companies that employ graduates of the School of Energy’s CDL program know that the driver has been thoroughly trained in driving a commercial vehicle.

The CDL program is an eight-week class A, 18-credit hour program. Refresher upgrade and Class B programs are also offered. Nine state-certified CDL examiners offer the CDL test, which is conducted on a 30- acre paved lot with 10 backing ranges.

Program Requirements to Enroll
  • Student must be a NM and CO resident
  • Have a Valid Driver's License
  • Be at leat 18 years of age
  • Pass a DOT Physical and Drug Screen

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San Juan College

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