Dugan Museum

The San Juan College’s School of Energy has the privilege of showcasing the Sherman Dugan Museum of Geology, a fossil and mineral collection.

Longtime supporter of San Juan College, Sherman E. Dugan passed away in December 2013. In his memory, the Tom Dugan family donated a large portion of Sherman’s museum-quality fossil and mineral collection to the San Juan College Foundation.

The Sherman Dugan Museum of Geology is the most comprehensive collection of minerals and fossils in the Four Corners area. Sherman Dugan was a unique individual and had an eye for the unusual. This is reflected in the minerals he collected, resulting in extraordinary contributions to the collection. The museum showcases a wide variety from around the world, including Mexico, Canada and Africa. A display of rare minerals is also part of the collection.

“We are proud to house this museum-quality collection at the San Juan College School of Energy,” says Gayle Dean, Foundation Executive Director. “San Juan College and the community are better places to live and learn, thanks to the generosity of the Tom Dugan family.”

Please consider a gift to “Friends of Sherman Dugan” at the San Juan College Foundation. Your gift will enhance and grow our Museum!

Thank you.