At San Juan College, students learn the fundamental skills in both digital and film photography while being challenged to create inspiring imagery. The photography program offers courses for those who’s goal is a career in photography and for those who are hobbyists. Courses focus on photography composition, camera operation, film processing, digital software, such as Adobe Photoshop, studio lighting, and location lighting. Classes are taught by Tony Bennett, whose portfolio spans over a 30-year career as a commercial photographer for clients such as American Airlines, Dr. Pepper, Hardees, Ralph Lauren and as the team photographer for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders for 10 years including three Super Bowl wins. Read Tony Bennett’s complete biography.


The photography facilities at San Juan College include a fully equipped lighting studio, computer labs, two darkrooms, and a finishing room.

The studio includes commercial flash lighting equipment and on location light kits, background drops, and props. Students learn studio and location flash lighting techniques used in commercial studios settings for both product and portrait photography.

Students learn both digital and film processing techniques. Computer labs with Adobe Photoshop program are used to teach digital processing while the two darkrooms and finishing room provide hands-on experience processing and developing film.


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Man sitting with umbrella under what appears to be a shower of sparks or light emerging from a circle of light
Photo of older gentleman in red t-shirt holding a large camera. "Bill" in text at bottom of photo
Portrait of a woman in bridal gown
Person standing in desert hills with flashlight pointed to the sky
Woman in bridal gown sitting in yellow grass