Human Services

Are you interested in becoming a social worker, substance abuse counselor, domestic abuse counselor or parole officer? Maybe you’d like to assist clients at a community shelter, halfway house, food bank, or through a youth program. If you’re passionate about helping people, a degree in Human Services from San Juan College will prepare you to enter these occupations.

At SJC you’ll not only receive core foundational courses, you’ll also gain real-world knowledge and skills through a community internship practicum. Our students are making a difference in the community through service learning at over 50 regional organizations, such as: Child Haven, Casa Child Advocacy and Cottonwood Clinical. You may have a job lined up before you even graduate!

Career Tracks

  • Generalist
  • Criminal Justice
  • Substance Abuse

SJC Graduation 

May 11, 2019 @ 9 AM