Do you enjoy science and math and know you want to pursue a science-related career, but are not sure which field you want to specialize in yet? Or do you just want to explore science for its own sake? If so, general science may be the right major for you. You can take classes in chemistry, biology, botany, zoology, geology, and physics. With so many classes to choose from, you can personalize your degree, making it well-rounded or specialized, depending on your interests and career goals.
An Associate in Science degree in General Science will:

  • Provide you with a broad education
  • Help you develop science and laboratory skills
  • Allow you to tailor the degree to meet your specific career goals
  • Start you on the path to a career in education, technology, medicine,
    research, and more
Quick Facts
  • A science degree can lead to jobs in many indsutries
  • Prepares you to transfer to a four-year institution

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