Do you have excellent problem solving and critical thinking skills? Do you like numbers? Formulas? Word problems? Have you considered majoring in mathematics?

Just about any career that is technical in nature requires some expertise in math. It’s great preparation for engineering, law, or medicine, and there are employment opportunities such as an actuary, or in statistics, education, and health sciences. Government agencies like NASA, National Security Agency, and the Department of Agriculture hire graduates of advanced programs who are skilled in applied mathematics.

At San Juan College, we offer an Associates of Science (AS) degree in Mathematics that will prepare you to transfer to a four-institution to pursue your bachelor’s degree. Here, you can complete the first two years of your degree in a small classroom setting where you’ll receive individualized attention from the instructors. Or you might choose to take your course at home with one of our online options. After you’ve completed your AS degree, you can transfer as a Junior.

Quick Facts

  • Classroom settings are small
  • Classes are offered online
  • Transfer as a Junior

SJC Graduation 

May 11, 2019 @ 9 AM