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New Mexico Department of Veterans’ Service

Veterans have many state benefits available for them, the benefits include special tax exemptions, educational assistance, specialty license plates, free or reduced fee recreational opportunities.

Visit the NM Department of Veterans’ Service Benefits for more information.


Farmington Area Housing Information

Farmington Offers several different housing options.

Farmington Chamber of Commerce Real Estate Information and Hotel Information


VA Burial Allowance

Veterans Affairs will reimburse partial expenses incurred during the internment process.  For further details and eligibility requirements download the VA Burial Allowance guide.



  • Are there courses the VA won’t pay for?

    Yes, the VA does not allow payment for any courses not required for the program of study you have declared. Courses that are not approved often appear on your program evaluation under the Other Courses Section.  In addition, the VA does not pay for online developmental education courses or skill course.  Contact the certifying official for a list of specific course that are not approved.

  • Can I use scholarships and financial aid with the GI Bill?

    Yes, students may use other forms of financial aid with their GI BBill Students using tuition only scholarships such as the NM Lottery, NM State tuitoin Scholarship for example should notify the certifying official so overpayments are not made by the VA.

  • Does the GI Bill pay for books?

    No, students using Post 9/11 Benefits will receive a book stipend to assist with the purchase of books.  These funds may or may not cover the total cost of books. Students are required to pay for their books. San Juan College offers book charging at the bookstore. VA students must submit paperwork to the certifying Offical before charging at the bookstore can be set up.  Students are required to pay for all charges in order to register for their next semester. 

  • How many credits do I need to take to be considered a full-time student and receive BAH/Monthly payments?

    The VA determines full-time status based on the number of credits taken vs. length of the course. Typically the following applies to our standard semesters of 16 weeks for most GI Bills.

    Cthe following applies to our standard semesters of 16 weeks for most GI Bills.

    1-5 credits= 1/4 time
    6-8 credits= 1/2 time
    9-11 credits= 3/4 time
    12 or more credits= full time

    Chapter 33, students will only receive BAH payments if pursuing greater than 50% rate of pursuit.  Typically, 7 credits meet the requirement for BAH.  BAH is prorated if all courses are taken online.

    Chapter 30, 35, 1606, monthly payments are prorated based on enrollment status.

  • What do I do if I drop or add a course during the semester?

    Students are required to notify the certifying official in writing if their enrollment status changes. For dropped classes the last day of attendance must be verified by your instructor. Failure to notify the certifying official will result in an overpayment by the VA and additional incurred debt with San Juan College.

  • What do I do if I have issues with or need information about VA Education Benefits?

    Students may contact the VA regional office by calling  (888) 442-4551 or contact the Veteran Center at (505) 566-3970.

  • What do I have to do to get certified each semester?

    The certifying official does not assume you are attending school from semester to semester. Your benefits will not be used unless you submit your required paperwork.  Returning students must submit a Returning Student Certification form and their class schedule each semester. Documents may be submitted in person, by email, or by fax at (505) 566-3969.

  • What do I need to do to prevent being Dropped for Nonpayment?

    For students using the VA Educational Benefits, the certifying official will code your account after receiving certification paperwork for each semester.  Students not using VA Educational Benefits must set up a payment plan with the Business Office or establish other forms of financial aid such as grants, scholarships, or student loans.



  • What if I don’t receive my VA Education Payments?

    Commonly students will not receive payments if they do not:

    1. Submit certification paperwork each semester to the certifying official.

    2. Students using Chapter 30 Montgomery GI Bill must verify their enrollment in order to receive payment. 3. Have not set up direct deposit with the VA or account information is incorrect.

    3. Have not set up direct deposit with the VA or account information is incorrect.

  • Why can’t I register for courses?

    Usually a student won’t be able to register if there is a hold on the student’s account. Common holds are for Transcripts, Business Office billing, Advisors, and Administration.