If you are continuing your studies at San Juan College and want to use your G.I. Bill benefits, complete the following steps.

  • Submit a copy of your Benefits Certification for Returning Veteran Students Form.
    • This is used to update your enrollment status and contact information.
  • Submit a copy of Course Schedule.
    • Remember, you can only receive benefits for courses that apply to your program of study and required for your degree.  (Also approved remedial courses and pre-requisites.)  It is your responsibility to know which classes are required. If you have changed your major you must notify our office as well as make an official change of major request with the Enrollment Services Office.

Student Responsibilities

  • All schedules must be reviewed by the Veteran Center/VA Certifying Official each term before benefits will be provided.
  • The VA will ONLY pay for courses that are required for your program. Courses previously completed with a passing grade, unapproved electives or optional courses cannot be certified.
  • The student is responsible for notifying the Veteran Center/VA Certifying Official of any and all changes to contact information, course schedule or program of study.

Operation Graduation

Operation Graduation is our way of honoring your educational achievement. When you graduate from San Juan College, we are proud to present you with a special commemorative coin in recognition of the effort you’ve made to pursue and complete your degree. Mission completed!

Veteran Center Coin Application