Scholarships are available to veterans who are eligible and meet the minimal requirements.  The scholarships are an additional method assist with the educational cost for veterans.


Wartime Veteran Scholarship Fund

The scholarship is available to veterans who have served in combat since 1990 and have depleted all federal G.I. funds.

Wartime Veteran Scholarship Application


Vietnam Veteran Scholarship

This full scholarship includes tuition and books at any state funded post-secondary school for veterans who are considered a New Mexico resident for a minimum of 10 years, served in Vietnam and were issued the Vietnam Campaign or Service Medal.

The eligibility requirements are the following:

  • Honorably discharged from the Armed Forces of the United States
  • Resident of New Mexico at original time of entry into the armed forces or who has lived in New Mexico for ten years or more
  • Has been awarded a Vietnam campaign medal for services in Vietnam during the period of August 5, 1964 to the official termination of  the Vietnam conflict
  • Undergraduate or graduate

Vietnam Veteran Scholarship Application